Haha! Yep. Buy a surveillance device, get surveilled. Who knew?


My M1 Air is the last Apple product I will ever buy. And as soon as is properly ready, I'll be using it.

Serious question:

Seeing as Let's Encrypt SSL certs prove nothing (they merely enable encryption), what is the point in the 90 day limit?

If all we're doing is encrypting, not trying to assert domain ownership, why not a 5 year period?

Can we stop calling client side scanning CSS please? That acronym is taken.

We could call it CBGS (Carte Blanche for Government Spying)


Pro tip:
Never offer your professional services to family (whether free or not).
It will become a valueless time-sucking black hole.


They're calling it their flagship smartphone and have put "pro" in the name. Even my cheap Samsung A series has 6Gb.

Nice to see the speed issues addressed. Shame it's not 8Gb RAM.
Now all we have to do is wait for the OSes to be daily-driver-stable.

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Lots of (foster) parental handwringing, but the bottom line is: there's one less dangerous cybercriminal in the world.


Time after time, when designing or redesigning a website, everything goes fine until I get to colour and fonts. I can blast through concept, structure, layout, usability etc at breakneck speed and then have 2 days of brain fog and paralysis trying to choose a body font or the correct shade of blue. I don't think this will ever change.


It'll never happen.

And if it does, just use a non-EU registrar who offers privacy by default, and domains that are not EU TLDs.

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@feditips @Tutanota @protonmail

It's human nature. If I had a cool product and someone offered me enough money to retire to Switzerland and transform the lives of all those I care about, I'd take it. Nearly everyone would. And you know what? There's absolutely nothing wrong in doing that.


I have a cool nickname but I can't tell you what it is in case Interpol are watching.

OK, well I'm not a big city person, but I've visited Rome at least 8 times for both business and pleasure and I would relish the chance to spend a year or two there. Lots going on, lots of public transport, the literal cradle of European civilisation, etc, etc. Italian is easier than German too.

I love Paris too but it doesn't grab my imagination like Rome.

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