How amusing. (i.e. ) has had a tantrum and disabled both of my wordpress dot org accounts. Not sure if it's because I've mentioned in forum posts or because I've criticised WP on the birdsite. Either way, their loss not mine.

Our "ZP Disable Users" and now has a "Logout All Users" function, in addition to its core function of selectively disabling user accounts. Enable it on the plugin's settings page and use with care!

We've released our first : ZP Cookie Consent. It brings the features of our ZP Cookie Notice & to the Bolt platform, allowing visitors to accept/decline cookies and running scripts based on their choice.

Three significant developers have now left the project, leaving three absolutely vital plugins (SEO, e-commerce and plugin update management) without a lead developer.
It's sad to say but I think CP is almost certainly dead in the water.

We've released a new free and .
"ZP Cookie Notice" allows you to easily inform users that your site uses cookies and helps you comply with the EU GDPR cookie law and CCPA regulations.
It's a fork of Cookie Notice by dFactory which has recently been sold and is now one big upsell for a commercial service, complete with full-page admin ads.
Try out ZP Cookie Notice today!

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