Wow. Just spent 4 hours setting up a private instance on a spare VPS, only to discover that the desktop client insists that all your syncs are contained within ONE folder (like Dropbox). Completely useless. I need to sync 4 specific folders within my home directory, without changing their paths.
Byebye Nextcloud, useless POS.

At last - finally got a satisfactory syncing arrangement working.
1. on main work laptop, with the syncs in send-only mode.
2. Syncthing on office in receive mode.
3. Syncthing on a DO locked down in , also in receive mode.
Approx 30Gb is being synced.
This will be coupled with weekly snapshot backups to the Diskstation using FTP.
So the only cost is the droplet, but DO affiliate credit will cover the next 18 months.

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