I'm having a bit of a day with sync services.

Mega - used it for a year but it suddenly doesn't want to work on Pop 20.10 and crashes 15 secs after launch.
Spideroak - tried it today, horribly confusing desktop app.
pCloud - tried it today, desktop app keeps hanging and there's no queue or log.

I'm going to give up for now and just copy important folders to the Diskstation every few days. Then I'll either try Synology Cloudstation to sync the entire home folder, or just use Syncthing with a spare PC.

@zigpress get setup with Nextcloud, I’ve had good luck with it.

@jordonr I had a go with Nextcloud but had a lot of problems getting it working on my VPS. I've now found that I can install Syncthing on my Diskstation so I might try that.

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