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Was following some tutorials, then got distracted and ended up wanting to develop an app, then... found this! Desktop apps with - my holy grail. Simply got to try it.

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"we baked privacy directly into the product design"
No, you fucking didn't. If you had, then it would not be possible to film other people without their express consent.


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@aral The notion of "billionaire" should be abolished - no single person deserves anywhere near this much money, and it simply reeks of corruption in taxation that allows the wealthy to grow to such levels.

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“Imagine having more money than anybody has ever had at any time in history, and instead of addressing world hunger, you strive to become the human equivalent of an everlasting gobstopper.”


Found 1984hosting.com who host DNS zones for free and support long TXT records, so Hover get to keep my domains - for now.

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Learned that doesn't support TXT records >255 chars, even with splitting. Can anyone recommend a good domain registrar, not US-owned, with free whois privacy & a good control panel?

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I don't want social media to get smarter, I want it to be dumb as a bucket of bricks. I want social media to have no goddamn idea what I want so it'll just give me what I asked for, like I wanted to begin with 😤

Ever had a client get severely snappish because you didn't reply to 3 emails that you didn't in fact receive?
Yeah, me too.
Strangest thing is, after being informed that no emails arrived, they continued in snappish vein. More so, in fact.

Interesting issue:
After a while, update checks to WordPress/ClassicPress API fail intermittently with CURL error 6 name lookup timeout.
Changed DNS, no effect.
Tried VPN, no effect.
Finally restarted Apache. Boom, all OK.
Seems XAMPP Apache needs periodic restarts.

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why are restaurants incapable of having normal or even functional websites?

So, today I learned that is a thing, and there are companies that will do it for you (presumably because they have already sold their souls to the devil).

What a time to be alive.

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By their docs shall ye know them...
I wanted to add a solid PHP framework to my arsenal. My shortlist was , & . So I spent an hour exploring each framework's online docs.
Result: I'll be diving into Laravel very soon.

Uninstalled due to phone number requirement, smartphone requirement, bad noise cancellation, etc.
Recommendations for a desktop privacy-first decentralised FOSS messenger + video caller? perhaps?

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