Oh boy. Having to use a Sheet on a client project. I can't believe how utterly, utterly bad the UI and UX is, compared to something like LibreOffice.

The 16G/512G grey MacBook Air M1 arrived today - 3 days early - and it's fucking magnificent.

“How Apple screwed Facebook - Apple’s iOS 14.5 update has triggered an unstoppable collapse in Facebook’s ability to collect user data”



Went out for dinner to a place without wifi or signal, returned to find that half the internet went down in my absence, and is now back up on my return.
It seems was using my phone as a key node.
Sorry about that!

Our "ZP Disable Users" and now has a "Logout All Users" function, in addition to its core function of selectively disabling user accounts. Enable it on the plugin's settings page and use with care! zigpress.com/plugin/zp-disable

[rumourmill site]: X may happen.
[other tech site]: Oh no, X is going to happen! Let's make significant irreversible decisions based on X happening!
[me]: *sigh*

This is by far the best article I've ever read on . If you have trouble understanding the concept, read this slowly a few times and I can almost promise you'll get it.


We've released our first : ZP Cookie Consent. It brings the features of our ZP Cookie Notice & to the Bolt platform, allowing visitors to accept/decline cookies and running scripts based on their choice.

Three significant developers have now left the project, leaving three absolutely vital plugins (SEO, e-commerce and plugin update management) without a lead developer.
It's sad to say but I think CP is almost certainly dead in the water.

Bit the bullet. MacBook Air M1 16Gb/512Gb/8GPU is on the way. Best locally-available balance of price, performance and quality.

2017 MacBook badly misbehaving, need to replace (Starlabs Labtop defunct, was costly mistake).
Need: A+ build quality, local supplier, option to run Linux.
1. MacBook Air M1 (can buy locally, Asahi Linux coming).
2. ThinkPad X1 (can order nationally but not in my city).
Torn (but leaning towards MBA)...

We have a set of 8 premium domain names for sale.

All are .com and all start with the word "strato". Ideal for building a brand in the igaming or online services space.

Click through to see the names and get in touch.


Me: *making funny faces at my webcam while developing*
Friend: What are you doing that for?
Me: Cheering up the NSA

Hipsters: There's this thing called DevOps.
Small web agencies: It's actually called life.

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