How amusing. (i.e. ) has had a tantrum and disabled both of my wordpress dot org accounts. Not sure if it's because I've mentioned in forum posts or because I've criticised WP on the birdsite. Either way, their loss not mine.

For years I've used for mail, calendar and contacts. A few years ago I tried Mac Mail and found its interface too childish and limiting.

Forward to now: Thunderbird's insistence on tiny fonts, and its terrible search function, is becoming intolerable.

So I fired up Mail in Big Sur, added some IMAP accounts, and guess what? It's fucking great. So I guess I'll be using the Calendar and Contacts apps as well, with my caldav and carddav accounts.

Bye bye Thunderbird.

CLIENT: Can you create a website login for our new team member please?

ME: Yes, but since I'm not clairvoyant I'll need their name and email.


After a few weeks using the Air (which replaced a 2017 MacBook Air Core i5), my (subjective) assessment is that for most tasks*, it's roughly 3.5x faster.

*Video transcoding with Handbrake, complex SQL queries, opening GIMP, running Electron apps, loading complex JavaScript-based web apps, etc, etc.

Website: Ohai! Why not use the great new AVIF image format? It's tiny and it's the future!

Me: Great, tell me more.

Website: You just have to prepare a set of progressive enhancement images with special srcset markup for every image on your site!

Me: FFS... just tell me when every browser supports it, until then piss off.

3 months ago I hibernated my account due to it containing nothing but crap. A few days ago I reactivated due to a brief feeling of . Turns out I was right in the first place. It's full of humblebragging and judging disguised as motivation and now it's closed.

Thread: About Windows 11's high system requirements. You know, a lot of blind people, who don't have jobs, live on social security and disability money, and who definitely don't have the newest computers, won't get Windows 11. This could have been a great chance for Linux to step up and say loud and proud "Because we support every person's ability to choose their system, and use and learn about computers, we will never force upon users what system they must run. And because we stand proudly with people with disabilities, all blind people are welcome in the world of free and open source software, where they can learn and create just like everyone else."

But no. Gnome, one of the most popular desktops on Linux, is trash with accessibility. KDE is working on it, but that'll take years. Who's ever heard of Mate? And who makes current software for the command line, for users and not other developers?

So now I have a MacBook Air M1 with 8 CPU cores, 8 GPU cores, 16Gb RAM and 512Gb SSD. It's seriously fast, Big Sur is excellent, and the hardware oozes quality.

In fact when I look at this sleek dark grey artefact on my desk, with its perfect aesthetics and bulletproof construction, I can't believe I thought I'd be happy with anything less.

But I still don't have an Apple ID and never will 🙃


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It was a costly mistake compounded by shipping costs and delays and I vowed never again to import from a small overseas supplier without a chance to check the hardware quality in person before buying.

But I still had to get a new laptop. I agonised for weeks about Thinkpads but in the end decided that the MacBook ownership experience was worth more than my misgivings about Apple policies.

Also, the Asahi project is making good progress in getting Linux to work on M1 Macs.


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. Thoughts.

About 8 yrs ago, after yrs of IBM, Asus & Dell Windows laptops I joined a firm that only used Macs. They bought me a Pro Retina 13.

After getting used to it I learned to love it. Mostly it Just Worked™ and was remarkably hassle-free. I continued using Macs after going full-time with ZigPress.

I gradually got less happy with Apple's policies and last year got a Starlabs Linux laptop. Linux is great, especially Kubuntu, but the Star Labs hardware & firmware was crap.


*supplier of services sends me a birthday email*
Most people: Hey, that's cool!
Me: Fuck, that's creepy.

Oh boy. Having to use a Sheet on a client project. I can't believe how utterly, utterly bad the UI and UX is, compared to something like LibreOffice.

The 16G/512G grey MacBook Air M1 arrived today - 3 days early - and it's fucking magnificent.

“How Apple screwed Facebook - Apple’s iOS 14.5 update has triggered an unstoppable collapse in Facebook’s ability to collect user data”


Went out for dinner to a place without wifi or signal, returned to find that half the internet went down in my absence, and is now back up on my return.
It seems was using my phone as a key node.
Sorry about that!

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