Mother: You won't get a job by staying on your computer all day
Me: (does exactly that)

I'm not convinced that the adage "learn deeply" is correct. If more focus was given to "learn deeply" I think we'd end up with better, faster and more sites.

'Comment your code.'
'Comment your code.'
'Please comment your code.'
'For the love of all that is holy, comment your code.'

If you care about privacy on the web, even if you don't use WordPress, I highly suggest supporting this effort to disable FLoC by default in WP Core and doing so as a security update. With 40% of the web this is sorely needed.

Yesterday I was trying to debug a particularly weird website rendering problem and came *this* close to installing Edge to see if the problem was also on that browser.

In the end, I just couldn't bring myself to install a telemetry app masquerading as a browser.

Luckily I spotted the problem shortly after this existential crisis and was able to resolve it using my normal Brave and Firefox.

I like many things about , but not the fact that my data is on someone else's server. So I'm trying . So far so good. Not as slick but does what I need, syncs Mac+Android perfectly with , and is offline-first (local storage).

Reminder of why #Signal is far from optimal:

- No #anonymity (every account is connected to a phone number)
- Not #opensource (the git repo of the server hasn't been updated in a year)
- No #decentralization
- No web client, and max. 1 mobile client per account
- No #privacy (your entire contact list is uploaded to the server. It's encrypted, but it's trivial to brute-force encrypted phone numbers. You can prevent it by disabling the PIN feature, but it's enabled by default without warning.)

(Project scoping discussion)
Me: So, it's going to do this. Do you need it to do anything else? Anything that might change how I build it?
Client: No, that's fine.
(Project goes live)
Client: Can you make it do this as well?
Me: .....

Working on a brand refresh for ZigPress. There's absolutely nothing on paper or on screen yet - it's all in my head. But in my head it looks fantastic...

Now I just need some time to translate brain to screen with the help of and .

You know what's stopping me getting a @PINE64 ? This:

"Small numbers (1-3) of stuck or dead pixels are a characteristic of LCD screens. While very rare, these are normal and should not be considered a defect."

Stuck or dead pixels are NOT a characteristic of LCD screens. It's 2021 for fuck's sake.

Back on the Mac while I troubleshoot the Linux machine, and my predominant thought is: I wish you could run KDE Plasma on top of macOS core, instead of Finder. Finder is ugly and inflexible.

Temporarily back using a Mac...
$ sudo apt-get install thunderbird
sudo: apt-get: command not found

At last - finally got a satisfactory syncing arrangement working.
1. on main work laptop, with the syncs in send-only mode.
2. Syncthing on office in receive mode.
3. Syncthing on a DO locked down in , also in receive mode.
Approx 30Gb is being synced.
This will be coupled with weekly snapshot backups to the Diskstation using FTP.
So the only cost is the droplet, but DO affiliate credit will cover the next 18 months.

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Wow. Just spent 4 hours setting up a private instance on a spare VPS, only to discover that the desktop client insists that all your syncs are contained within ONE folder (like Dropbox). Completely useless. I need to sync 4 specific folders within my home directory, without changing their paths.
Byebye Nextcloud, useless POS.

I wonder what happens if you try to fung a Non-Fungible Token.

Unfortunately it eventually hung... so, rebuilt the droplet (keeping the IP address) then reinstalled OpenVPN server. Actually much quicker! Must remember that for 22.04 LTS...

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