NixOS unstable has broken dependencies for LibreOffice. Guess unstable really is that..

For some reason, Emacs is sloooow on my machine. All packages are compiled by Doom so its supposed to be fast, but it takes up to 10 seconds to start, and up to 30 more seconds to be responsive.

I love the possibilities but the latency and slowness is too painful to put up with it..

Evidently getting Kitty to work Om Debian Stretch is not so easy.

Sigh, there goes a day to build my work VM for buster

Kitty also has some really obvious (in retrospective) stuff, like the Unicode picker (with search by name!), file and URL picker, regex matcher!

I like konsole, and will continue to use it via Yakuake, but kitty is my new favourite!

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I hereby declare Kitty terminal as the discovery of my week! It is GPU accelerated, has built-in file/dir diff, has the cleanest tab/window split UI I have seen, although the latter is subjective.

But the cherry on top is the fact that with a single keystroke, I can open my entire scroll back buffer in any arbitrary program of my choice(currently 'bat'). Amazing work!

Helltaker is a game that is free on Steam, runs on Linux, and can be completed in an hour.

I hate stand-ups. Other scrum "ceremonies" at least have some theoretical purpose. Stand ups are 100% waste of time, and now that our team has grown to include 10 developers+1QE, it is not fun to endure this pain on daily basis

My friend, while binging Community for the very first time:
also, Annie is like the prettiest female character i have seen on TV
I am so glad you're finally watching this show, my man!

@fdroidorg Same error while updating other apps, namely transistor and OSM Dashboard

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@fdroidorg I'm receiving download failed while trying to update newpipe, with apk not found error. Screenshot attached.

Reminder that git is incredibly simple if you learn it from the inside out instead of the outside in 

An object can be a blob, tree, commit, or tag. An object is identified by its ID, which is a SHA.

A blob is just some arbitrary data. Files are represented as blobs.

Trees are a list of blob IDs and other tree IDs, and their names. Directories are represented as trees.

A commit has a tree ID, an author, a date, a parent commit ID (or IDs, for a merge commit), and a commit message.

A reference is just a commit ID. Branches are a kind of reference. The only information which is stored to represent "master" is the ID of the latest commit. To get the commit log, you just follow the parent ID in each commit. To get the contents, you look at the tree ID of that commit. To update master, create a new commit and write its ID to .git/refs/heads/master (which is a plaintext file).

A tag has a commit ID, an author, and a message. It just calls out a specific commit as special, like a release number, and adds a message, such as that version's changelog.

All git commands are just a means of manipulating what is ultimately a very simple data store. If you want to know more about how a specific command works and how it relates to this data store, let me know.

digiKam developers, creators of KDE's professional photo management application, release version 7.0.0. Includes a new neural network-based system for face recognition, support for more RAW formats, support for HEIF images, and much, much more 📸.

why is atlassian obsessed with making shit so hard to find in both Jira and Confluence

I removed VirtualBox and moved my VMs to virt-manager+SPICE tools because VBox and guest additions were taking monstrous time during updates, and my weekly updates are already taking ~30 min of downloads+compile without it.


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I'd be on GuixSD last year if installing regular kernel weren't so discouraged as to having it compile on every upgrade :( I have enough time to tinker around it once and fix it forever, but not enough to spend 2 hours on update every single week..

With all the nationality rage in the country, suddenly half the results for Play Store searches have "Indian" in them. On a single look I can classify these apps as crap, fake, copied or any combination of three.

Fuckers are giving the Indian brand so bad a name, that now whenever I see it, I automatically reject it as low quality..

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