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It's pretty fucked how Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Tumblr established themselves as places to host your words and pictures so you could share them with others, and now they all lock some or all the things you post there to users only

Yeah it WOULD be nice if you could show me funny videos from Instagram, friend, but you can't and I'm sick of reminding you

loose water filter bracket, you have crossed me for the last time

Last week a dozen scientists caused criminal damage to the UK headquarters of fossil fuel company Shell as part of our global #ScientistRebellion

We pasted scientific papers and poured fake oil, resulting in one arrest


for every engineer who moves fast and breaks things, there are four more who move slow and fix things. and they're tired of the first engineer's bullshit

@robey i really enjoyed the storm troopers applauding them for saving the explodinium shipment as triumphant music plays --- the genuine recognition tinged with the irony of their sinister purpose which would ultimately cost all of those people their lives. that is some fucked up writing! <3

@robey loll!!!! "did you finish yet? if so how could you be reading this"

@stevej I love this idea! You could run Ultima and Wing Commander so hard. Tho i confess the 486 DX2/66 will always be "the best computer" in my heart. <3

the United States of 1900 postcard!

featuring such states as:
- greater georgia
- baja california
- 2klahoma
- can't be bothered to draw all the fiddly bits of west virginia

this article is way too long, but yet another patient explanation of why cryptocurrencies can't really work:

@robey id HEARD of shirley geez! I just hadn't seen much that she'd been in. im not THAT much of a philistine!

"the sun emoji should be wearing sunglasses! like on raisin bran!"

"no honey the raisin bran sun doesn't have sunglasses. that's a mandela effect thing. we already fought about this. oh god you don't remember"

@robey hahaha mine also does this! It's like "let's clean up these four photos, that's like several MB!" "oh really, what about the 20GB of podcasts from 2017? you don't feel like those might be a bit more bang for buck buddy?"

#renewablenergy Solar panels being installed over canals in India prevent water evaporation, don’t use extra land and keep solar panels cooler.

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