It snowed near our house today! We drove up to the observatory and threw one (1) snowball

"Anything less than five stars is BAD! Only give five stars!" Haha. I love how workers actively beg for as little dynamic range as possible in any evaluative feedback. It speaks volumes about what evil corporations do whenever they receive even the barest shred of signal that could be used for ranking or culling employees.

spent my entire weekend playing the "try to upgrade linux" minigame. it's not going well. >.>

my cars have been so bored from sitting around this year that they made up names for themselves, like Culture Ships.

We weren't comfortable with table service at restaurants but we did get to cook ourselves some decent meals! Now back to the grind...

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hey I left the house! We had a lovely weekend of hiking out on the coast for our anniversary. Was good to get away for a bit.

this is idiotic but i happened to notice my odometer hit all 6's and i couldn't let the occasion pass!


get yourself a boyfriend who loves you enough to make homemade gormet coffee liquor that makes a killer White Russian. in related news, I am drunk af rn

apparently duolingo is preparing me for socioeconomically respectful tourism

Went for a walk along Route 1. The cliffs were beautiful today! And weirdly Alice's restaurant is still open! For... takeout potato chips I guess?

Thanks, DMV! Timing's not so great, though, since I don't have a commute anymore...

I was ably to buy hand soap off Amazon because they hadn't yet run out of the bad kinds of smells. "I need soap to keep my family alive through this life threatening pandemic... Oh wait it's basil scented? I'd rather die."

i went out and got my essential exercise at a park today! with "fear of outside" so strong, its easy to forget that the world is still a beautiful place. just avoid the part of it that's got human beings. :-/

just checked into our airbnb and turned on the Chromecast, wherein it became obvious that our landlords are googlers who have kitted out the place with internal beta shit >.>

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