rollin this back out because people never quite seem to get it

the news that ssh will (finally) drop sha-1 support is a good time to go check your private keys on each of your laptops and home machines, and make sure they're ed25519.

in your `~/.ssh` folder, look at any file ending in ".pub" (this is a text file, and is safe to view) and make sure the line starts with "ssh-ed25519"

if you need to generate a new key, this arch wiki page is a good reference (it's easy):

for the gritty realism each time picard ordered tea he should have tried to sip it and go "ooh hot" and then they should end every scene with him going "oh fuck my tea"

lockdown life tip: we all have habits built around being out and about... but now we're not! Consider spending 30 mins today thinking thu any mobile vs desktop apps, daily routines, household object/furniture placements, etc that may work better some other way for now.

"This is military grade"
-what does that even mean
-aircraft carriers are running Win98 so clearly lots of things are "military grade"
-If the US government said eating plutonium was bad I would Google it just to be super sure

"Some furry gave us 5 stars on their blog"
-A clear indicator of quality
-Furries make the internet go, an authority on technology
-Furries typically aren't feds
-I trust anyone 4chan hates
-idk they're fuzzy or something

covid-19 advice 

Here's a good article about exposure risks and personal protection. TLDR brief contact and outdoors are lower risk. Prolonged contact and indoors are higher risk, even with 6 foot distancing.

Quarantine Fatigue • Excellent article about promoting risk reduction rather than an unrealistic goal of risk elimination. Explicit parallel to AIDS education #linkblog #aidshivcovid19coronavirusdiseasetootme

apparently duolingo is preparing me for socioeconomically respectful tourism

Went for a walk along Route 1. The cliffs were beautiful today! And weirdly Alice's restaurant is still open! For... takeout potato chips I guess?

Thanks, DMV! Timing's not so great, though, since I don't have a commute anymore...

NTFS, the New Technology File System, has been windows' default file system since 1993

"high definition" refers to 720p and above, with 1080p being Full High Definition and 2160p being Ultra High Definition

USB full speed was superceded by USB super speed, which was superceded by USB super speed+

using superlative names for tech products is always a terrible idea

c code is 98% error checks and chicanery with the aim of exhausting you so that when you get to the couple of lines that actually do something, you don't notice there's no possible way they could work as written

if you look too closely, the whole thing just falls apart into a mass of sparkles and a dust bunny emerges, blinking angrily

all numbers are prime if you're not good at factoring numbers

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