it's a small thing. but when i command-click a link to open it in a new tab, and it ignores me and replaces the current page anyway, i am filled with blind rage at that website

Now sitting through an hour of mandatory legal training for a job I don't actually have anymore.

have you ever seen a burning car hurled into a late-capitalist toll booth? AT&T you will

my long weekly nightmare of multiple consecutive days of sobriety is almost at an end

An NPM package with 2,000,000 weekly downloads had malicious code injected into it. No one knows what the malicious code does yet.

(via 🐦gerybernhardt)

ow my head... i promise ill never alcohol again. (did i say this last year? maybe.)

I saw this on a comment thread on open source project interaction with community members (and vice versa). I’d say it nails it!

some cities have patron saints, like Thessaloniki has St Demetrius... my town has a patron mascot named "Sharkie" with its own facebook page showing it prominently eating a baby.


Now entering literally the 10th hour of meetings whose sole topic is to argue about whether one box in one table of one slide of one presentation should be yellow? Or red? Debate has been going for 3 months now...

I just got called "Or Best Bad Cop" on my new project and I haven't even started full-time yet. Welp, so much for trying to be nicer to everyone... >.>

a convincing argument that the US should move to multi-member districts and expand the house to around 600 representatives:

this is so, so true. i (and most other senior engineers) treat brazen confidence as a warning sign of a inexperience.

cross-stitch this and hang it on the wall: ~ EVERYTHING HAS TRADE-OFFS ~

(sorry for birdsite crosspost)

Got a query this morning from DHS, asking about buying Sidekiq Enterprise.

My response:

"I can't morally justify selling to or supporting the DHS in any way, not while your organization is separating families and locking up kids."

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