i really like this idea: "The Long Leaf Pine Slate raises funds for strong Democratic candidates challenging vulnerable GOP-held seats in the North Carolina General Assembly."

grass roots, local, an important state that needs help recovering from decades of corruption

"If people's basic needs were met through socialism, nobody would ever choose to work!"

Kid, there's people who saved up their entire lives to retire, and never have to work again

Who then choose to spend their retirement doing unpaid menial labor for the public library

People generally WANT to work, to feel accomplished from Doing Stuff

They just want to get to do work they choose to do willingly, for reasonable amounts of time, without the threat of starvation looming over them

a friend got to talk at the "safe mode" defcon this year and it's really great!

an entertaining description of finding out just how insecure and untrustable "iot" cams are, and what exactly they're doing

Someone from Oakland posted this pic of a PSA truck with LED messages about washing your hands driving around under the smoke sky. A NEW LIFE AWAITS YOU ON THE OFF WORLD COLONIES

yall, for bizcat, i think i can fit cyrillic upper & lower into the same 256 span as latin, by only removing pointless corporatisms like (c) (r) and TM...

i do not know or speak a slavic language so i'm particularly unsuited for this... does anyone know a cyrillic native who could give (harsh is ok) feedback on whether this is a workable retro 80s font? and what to fix?

btw if you want easy backups, i highly recommend borg and borgmatic (automates borg a bit).

i use those and for offsite backups of all the machines i care about.

you can use any ssh server as the remote target... (i just use because i have the spare coin)

working to rid myself of zenophobia and i'm proud to report i'm nearly halfway done

please enjoy my fiance getting the wrong items from target delivery and just embracing it

me, about every game: "i miss playing that game! aww it was so great. i should fire it up"

game: "welcome back! you'll recall that your current task is to collect 57 radishes for the village. you currently have 2."

me: "ah yes, now i remember that i hate this"

mozilla / general pessimism 

that is: the web is exactly as fucked as it was yesterday, the writing on the wall is just slightly better lit.

well, then what? you quite reasonably ask. what are we supposed to do about this?

as i would have said yesterday: i have absolutely no idea, apart from laying low and building tiny network enclaves for your friends & family where possible.

this latter model is, probably not coincidentally, much of how i'm thinking about the world generally now.

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