I'm starting to think Chain of Responsibility is actually an Anti-Pattern.

Any suggestions for what to do this weekend in the Manchester-Liverpool area?

Code that throws a new exception from inside an exception handler, and doesn't set the inner exception object on the new exception makes me unhappy.

Summarized Email Exchange:

QA: What special characters should it display? I've already checked the usual punctuation.

PM: If we can get French accent marks that would be good.

ME: We built the system to be Unicode from end to end. It should be able to display L͌ͮ̑͑ͥ͊̂͏͚͚̩̖̦̣ͅo̷̳͉̣̻̥̟̦̘̓̈̌̔ř̬͔̰̭̱̳̪͓́ḑ̛̱̜̹͊ͪ̿̎͋͂̚͜ ͕̼ͣ̇͌ͣ̊̂ͨͥ͝C̢̘̱͉̻͇̟͋̒͂͟ͅͅt͚̜̙̗͇̱̊̒ͮ̇͛̚͞h͍̳̠͖̹̥̪͆ͬͣ̓ͭú̥͔̺͖̱͇̺̔͐̆̈́͝l̟̥̻̽̓ͮ͋̊̍̃͐͋͟h̶̥͎ͭ̍ͥ͊͒ͦu̷̧̖̭̱͛̏ͦͅ's name.

When I heard they were removing Apu from the Simpsons, my first thought was, "People still watch the Simpsons?"

My Boss announced my promotion today.

I now get to sign my professional emails "Software Architect".

That moment when you realize you need to store three values in that bool and will have to refactor.

That moment when you realize some knob has already redefined the bool keyword.

"Only wimps use tape backup: real men just upload their important stuff on ftp, and let the rest of the world mirror it ;)" -Linus

Interesting office conversation today, "Slow and Correct code is better than Fast and Wrong code." Our Junior dev's mind was blown by the idea that Fast and Wrong could be better if its 'good enough'.

The best real world example I know of for this is the Fast Inverse Square Root: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fast_inv

does anybody else enjoy staying up late because you feel like its the only time of day when the demands of life arent being forced on you and time seems to stand still for a bit and your problems recede into the background. is that just me

Best code comment I saw last week:

// Yes, this is a static method that calls other static methods that define functions in the global namespace. I'm sorry.

This "Think like an Engineer" event should be called "Think like a Designer". I know it's for kids, but just coming up with a wild ideas isn't engineering. You actually have to try and build something.

My employer has us attend a seminar on LinkedIn and personal branding. I don't want to a triggered snowflake, but the whole thing made me feel like crap. Like somehow I'm a lessor person for not always trying to convince people I'm great.

I've worked hard to reduce the behavior of seeking approval (both online and offline) because all it ever did was aggravate my depression.

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How do I know if I'm picking the right solution for a problem or if i'm just using my Golden Hammer (sourcemaking.com/antipatterns/)?

Is it enough to say that I've considered some other approaches and none of them are better?

I've been going around in circles on the website trying to find the information I need. Its so bad that I had to resort to making a telephone call. I spoke to three different people all of whom were confused by the request for a developer license for a product.

Every few minutes the website pops up asking how likely I am to recommend IBM, (0 not likely at all). Then it keeps asking "How can we improve your experience?" Improving the site content and having knowledgeable staff would be a good start.

Hey IBM, you need to understand I'm not going to lay out thousands of dollars to buy your stuff just to do basic technical research. My customer isn't going to buy your services if I don't build my software to use your services, so you need to make it easy and cheap for me.

Good Riddance Micheal Bay. It looks like they are actually paying attention to the source material for Bumble Bee.

Notice in the Trailer at 1:29 the jets on Cyberton have the Tetrajet shape like in the attached picture.


I really hate this pattern:

Someone: I'm trying to achieve X by doing Y but this doesn't work.
Me: That's because it doesn't work that way. You need to do Z because detailed explanation A.
Someone: I think you are wrong.

One week later, in a project log:

Someone: I tried to achieve X by doing Y, but turns out that you really have to do Z because completely wrong explanation B. I figured that out trough a week of trial and error.

Le sigh.

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