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so uhm factorio is the most addictive game of all time, if you're a programmer

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"You're not" vs. "You aren't" vs. "You'rn't"


Beat Saber is fantastic. Already have found out how to mod it and add songs. I've found though that the community created songs vary wildly in difficulty, and many of them are available only with 'Expert' difficulty. I think the prior making songs have already gotten good, and so have no interest in making an easy version for themselves.

Dear all of YouTube,
I know how the subscribe and notify buttons work. stop reminding me in every video.

Sanrio, Best known for Hello Kitty, has brought us Retsuko, a mild mannered red panda accountant, who is secretly Metal AF.

This is the best thing all week.

So to end this massive multi-toot, How the hell do I convince the old-timers to dump this old anchor of a scripting system, and maybe more importantly the executives above them?

I really feel like hanging on to this is the single biggest threat to the the long term strategy for the product, because it is making modernizing more expensive, and making our system harder to configure and test and therefore more expensive for our customers. [6 of 6]

It looks to me like computing history is full of attempts to make it easier for non-programmers to be programmers, by creating friendlier programming tools like Visual Programming Languages, that over time always seem to either evolve into a more powerful and fuller language over time, or die out completely.

Why not just embrace the obvious, that setting up business logic is a programming task, and provide tools that make it simpler to do and easier to test the quality of that work? [5 of 6]

There is also an argument that our customers don't want to re-write their scripts when upgrading to a new version. That may be true, but because there is no way to test those scripts other setting up a full installation of the system and exhaustively running a huge number of test work through it, even taking minor updates and patches for some customers requires months long periods of acceptance testing. Avoiding the cost of change looks like a false economy to me. [4 of ?]

In reality, our customers are already hiring programmers to write their business logic into our custom scripting system. We have an entire department dedicated to doing this, except we don't call them programmers, we call them 'Implementation Specialists'.

Part of me thinks that there is a motive to protect that revenue stream where our customers have to hire us to implement these scripts. [3 of ?]

This scripting code has become an anchor on our future development, and I desperately want to replace it. Personally I am pushing for something like using Roslyn (, but I'm getting push back from old timers at the office that think a full scripting language is too hard for our customers, that our customers don't want to hire people to write their business logic as code. [2 of ?]

We have a decades old custom 'scripting' engine in our application, that was originally build to be extremely fast on late 90's Pentium era PC hardware. The reason it had to be so fast is that it was being used to control document sorting machines, that had to make a decision about what pocket a document needed to go into before the paper moved too far down the track. If you didn't decide quickly the track would stop and your machine's throughput would be trashed. [1 of ?]

Following up on yesterday's toot,
here's our high tech sign in all its Glory.

This is way better than the old sign.

is it me, or have drive throughs gotten slower?

I think customers with long complicated orders used to self regulate and go inside to order, but they don't do that as much anymore.

they recently replaced the sign to the technology park my office is in. A few days later the glue the used on the letters melted in the Atlanta sun.

This is even funnier when you know there is a company in the park that makes high temperature glues.

So I've had a GitHub account for 8 years. I've only just today made my first pull request.

Boss: You don't have to make that configurable, Its only going to talk to service X.

Me - Makes it configurable anyway under the guise of test-ability.

Me: Hey, Service X doesn't implement the documented contract.

Boss: Looks like our code will have to change.

Me: Nah, I just changed the configuration. It already works.

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🐝 Yeah, its cool that you fed that one bee some sugar water and let him crash on your couch while she got back on her feet, but maybe if you really want to save the bees, maybe set aside more wildflower habitat and support a ban on neonicotinoid pesticides?

From an actual meeting today:

"Oh and as you can see, unit test coverage on this module has gone up to 98.8%."

"What was it before?"

"Um, yeah... It was zero."