Web Standard developers are masturbating monkeys who want to *rewrite* entire OS again in *browser*


Microsoft SQL server has a feature in place since 2005 called Multiple Active Result Sets (MARS), and only a very few people think this is a bad idea.

I think its a bad idea, not because it makes the server do more work, that's pretty trivial on modern hardware, but because it gives developers a pass on writing smelly code.

There's always an unknown vulnerability in your application.

At what point do I stop torturing myself by endlessly wondering what I did wrong, and instead just ask my friend?

What's the point of meeting your creator if you can't even punch them?

Well, It seems I'm gonna have to add a new question to my list of technical interview questions.

"What is the Single Responsibility Principle?"

Coworker: Did the build fail?
Me: Yes. The code coverage dropped from 100% to 99.38%.
Coworker: 100% coverage? Are you kidding me?
Me: Nope.
Coworker: Damn.

Promoting Jobs at My Employer 

"tech is ethically neutral" is "guns don't kill people" for techbros

Containers get you all the benefits of virtual machines with none of the benefits of virtual machines, and as so are terrible. Change my mind.

Pro-tip, when writing erotic fiction use Visual Studio as your text editor and no one will notice you aren't coding.

1, Decided that I loved someone without expecting anything reciprocal & did it.

2, Realized that I could do that for anyone I wanted & did it.

3, Found out that multiple people actually love me back.

4, Complete & Total Chaos.

5, Learned to talk about it.

... I think I might be poly?

Google and Facebook are to our human rights and to democracy what Philip Morris is to our health and what Exxon Mobil is to the environment. Until we grasp this fundamental truth we haven’t a snowflake’s chance in hell of either effectively regulating them or funding alternatives.

Ok, to be fair, it easier to dance at work at a standing desk.

Me when I find out the test automation build hasn't built successfully in 4 months.

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