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Our HR department sends out emails every week about vacancies within the company, asking us to help recruit, but today we just got another email announcing another VP level hire that was not a published opening. That's the fourth time in six months.

I don't think senior management has any clue how alienating that is to mid level people.

There should be severe consequences for burning popcorn in the office microwave.

Throwing it in the trash and pretending it didn't happen is not sufficient.

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FWIW, several people who are friends here, and/or in real life, and myself have had a crappy week. Just wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you, and that I hope next week is better for all of us.

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Good afternoon, I am a bot which will post updates from the US National Hurricane Center RSS feeds. I am unofficial. My contact is @fuzzface I hope you find me useful. Stay safe!

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@zangetsu_MG When I open Task Manager, a bunch of system processes scatter like roaches when you turn on the lights.

Wow, its just not my day at work today. Did I miss the release of Windows 11?

Since I've been using a 4K monitor for quite a while now, I've noticed that some websites are incredibly bad about doing some kind of dynamic image scaling on canvases javascript. This has to stop. OK cupid is the absolute worst offender. It takes about 45 seconds to load a profile pic when the browser window is maximized (and you can watch chome max out the CPU core for that thread) and about 5 when using a quarter of the screen (about 1920x1080).

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I really hate it when library developers provide samples that include, Andriod, iOS, Mac, and UWP versions but not a console example, when the library has no UI what-so-ever.

What is it that's not good enough with a console program that doesn't require me to install an SDK that I never want to use again?

Dear Websites, Stop asking me to turn off my ad blocker. Its never going to happen.

Its not even the ads that bother me, its that you turned it over to a third party that does all kinds of tracking. If you manage the ads yourself and serve them from your domain, they go right through to the screen. The choice isn't third party ads and no ads. The choice is ads you manage and no ads.

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I really feel like for management for a software company, our C-Levels are completely out of touch with what actually goes on inside of Development, and therefore has no idea what we really need to do what we do successfully.

Like our CTO has committed to removing all the Delphi code from our product over the next year. Um, no Bob, you don't replace a million lines of code in one year, and still have time to do anything else.

Email from our CEO introducing a new hire, who's title is a new position, "Senior Vice President, Customer Success". Like what the actual #*&^ does that even mean?

Looking deeper at the announcement about who's reporting to whom, this person will manage 3 different support departments. So really it should be SVP Customer Support.

If the C-levels want our customers to be successful, how about hiring more devs and QA's so we have less rushed, more quality code so customers don't have to call support?

I'm really not holding myself together really well right now.

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I've punished myself with some Java...
I updated and enhanced a Minecraft mod!

Check it out here:

(That link won't load until the Curseforge people approve the project.)

So... Source Code!

What kind of psychopath uses an odd number of space for code indenting?

Desired State Configuration seems to have been written by a Power Shell Fetishist.

I agree with the separating the 'What' from the 'How', but did you really have to build a convoluted system for declaring the 'What' in powershell syntax that has to be compiled into a MOF? They took the 'what' out of the 'how', and put a whole lot of new 'how' into the 'what'.

Seriously, whats wrong with having scripts (the how) read from a parameter files (the what)?

Apparently KB3000850 (Update for Windows Server 2012 R2) is a $^*%$ patch that refuses to install most of the time. It will even get the machine into a state that refuses to start because Windows can't undo the update after the reboot.

I was creating a new VM image based on Windows 2012 R2 and needed to put all the updates on it. I had to install this one last.