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Oh look, the install guide says users only need db_ddladmin, but not db_datareader, nor db_datawriter.

That can't possibly be right.

I'm a little annoyed that in 2018, I still get to fix UI bugs because someone decided to implement their own combo box instead of using a library.

This one wasn't smart enough to limit the number of rows displayed in the drop down to the amount of space available on the screen.

Oh, and I can't replace it with the standard component. F***.

Also, just because the field allows values from 00-99, doesn't mean you should use all of them. Curse those users for using software in unintended ways.

I saw a display of classic sodas in my neighborhood supermarket. They had Moxie. I bought all of it.

I've been binge watching The 100, and I've noticed that over the decades as my scientific literacy and general knowledge has grown, the presence of 'Hollywood Science' seriously diminishes my ability to enjoy a lot of modern Science Fiction.

I'm curious what other current SciFi media is out there to be enjoyed that is relatively free from bullshit science.

What are you guys watching and reading?

Look at this glorious 12 year old nugget:

We're still having this same conversation, only the names of the languages have changed.

First there was the Big Mac.

Then There was the Grand Mac, and Mac Jr.

But should the Mac Jr. just be 'Mac'? or is there a yet to be realized Mac of a size in between Big Mac and Mac Jr.?

well, I've acquired a Kinect 360, and a power supply for connecting it to the PC. windows detected and installed some devices, but the light on the Kinect just flashes green, and the software is reporting an error. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if I spent $5 on a broken unit.

Writing Library Code

Beginner: "I add in everything that might be useful. Programming is fun. Whee!"

Intermediate: "I make everything possible private because other programmers are idiots that can't be trusted."

Advanced: "I only put in and make public exactly whats needed and nothing more."

Guru: "I make everything public and test all of it because I'm an idiot that can't be trusted, and I won't be responsible for other idiots."

"You wrote a format specific XML library in two hours?"

"Well you gave me an .xsd. I just ran it through a code generator, and added some unit tests."

"That was estimated to take two days."

"I can spend another 14 hours if you like."

I desoldered and replaced 6 capacitors on my dead monitor's power supply, and when I plugged it back in, in came back to life.

I feel like I leveled up.

What I also find annoying is that they insist on treating this as a one off feature for one customer. Never mind that we've done almost exactly the same thing twice before, and neither of those features are adequate now because we didn't build it flexible and extensible before.

My employer seems to think that a design with 2 complex difficult to test modules that allow for less functionality is better than a design with 3 simple easily tested modules that allows for more functionality.

No wonder the architects we hire keep quitting.

I hate 'ID' as a variable name Suffix.

I know the dictionary capitalizes 'ID' for Identity, but 'ID' isn't an initialism or acronym. Its not representative of two words. It is a truncation of identity or identifier, and truncations are not ALL-CAPS.

Even if I agreed with the dictionary, Camel case it into objectId.

I swear to Hephaestus I will reject your pull request if I see 'ID' variable name suffixes in there.

Hey kid, you want to buy some Spice Melange?

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llSetTargetOmega makes a nice smooth rotation animation in but it's absolutely useless if you need to know where the prim is after it's been rotating for a while.

for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to spend 5 hours writing lsl code in . at least now I have a functioning game show display in world.

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