O(1) sorting algorithm for an array of size N: Sort by Insertion of Graham's Number. Starting with any unsorted array of integers, append Graham's Number at the end of it. Now the final value of the array is vastly larger than all preceding values as to render them completely insignificant, thereby effectively sorting the array in ascending order.

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"Illium" was another name for the city of Troy

"-ad" is a suffix that can be used to mean "the story of"

Therefore "The Illiad" is properly translated as; drumroll please...

Troy Story

@JPEG I just bought the app now. I hope things turn up soon!

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This is a fraction of what I've been receiving the past few days/weeks through the App Store and email. It sucks, and it's impacting sales massively (to the point where it makes me question whether continued support is even worth it), but just got to hold it out.

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With moderate power comes moderate responsibility

Also, power corrupts. Moderate power corrupts moderately



This was my understanding as well. I wasn't aware there had been some changes to the core definition at all.

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Is it my imagination, or is good UI design one of those skill sets we all managed to collectively forget about sometime around 2014? Why is modern app design so... bad?

@brion yeah I ended up switching back to regular cold press coffee after nearly going up a whole pants size.

My coworkers and I were talking about nested try/catch blocks in PHP code, and my thinking is the following should be a maxim if it isn't already: If the compiler lets you do something dumb, then eventually someone will be dumb enough to implement it in their code.

@da The story changes every time I hear another update, so I honestly have no idea what they are planning

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