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@ben yeah, their thought process tree doesn't really go that deep

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You can send toots and confirm boosts with Ctrl+Enter

So we bought a convection-based gas stove today. Also, we caught a squirrel in a trap. These two things are unrelated 😉

US politics 

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if u divide flatbread by zero that generates a signalling NaaN

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So this weekend we'll be shopping for a new washer and dryer to go with the new house, but I have to ask: is it still possible to buy appliances that aren't IoT these days? My preference is for something that doesn't come with a built-in web browser.

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hello, i'm brian he/him. i write a config file

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By the way, you can create invite links on Mastodon so that people who sign up using them follow you automatically.

This "buying a new house" thing has my brain so fried I can't even concentrate on generating new deep Mandelbrot set zooms art


It's weird when someone messages me on Steam. Like, uh, there's this chat program called "Discord" that's way better as a reliable means of reaching me, right?

I'll probably regret it more severely tomorrow. But that's OK, but I'll be climbing tons of stairs all week!

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Oof, my body is sore. I climbed up and down a bunch of stairs while drilling holes into walls and ceilings. THEN I decided that, you know what, I should do my workout today too!

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