Me: Hm, I'm a little bored right now, so I'll ask an open-ended question on Mastodon about a topic that's been known to generate some controversy.

Me, right now:

Gonna do a stream pretty soon (4PM CST)! 1.14 server world, reset to brand-new status!

Would you trust this guy to manage your galactic civilization?

Found this on Facebook (ugh) from 6 years ago (I was cleaning out my wallet). I haven’t seen many business cards in recent years, partly because I have a steady job now and don’t do as much networking. I wonder if they’re dying out in general, though

So I thought that whole "muscle stitch" meme floating around Twitter was either fake or doctored, but I checked it out myself. The results are different but no less bizarrely hilarious

We had a deployment to staffing today that was a little bit more challenging than usual. Our helper code monkey was exhausted afterwards

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