So I decided I'm going to set a health-related goal for myself: I'm going to lose some weight. I'm not overly concerned about poundage exactly, but I've put on some padding in the belly area over the past decade or so (hello, middle age) and I kind of want to trim that back a little bit. If i can get under 200 lb in that process, even better.

It's going to require changes in diet and exercise habits, but that's fine. I'll probably put on muscle weight, and that's ok too. 😎

I didn't have any extra snacks or sugary drinks yesterday and was pretty good for the entire day.

Today, I would literally kill for a Nestle Crunch bar. The snack attacks are real.

@zalasur Celery can help my snack attacks. Dunno if it'll work for you, but might be worth a shot.

@skipfordj Fortunately I'm not cutting myself off from snacks. I'm cutting down. I had a bowl of chips and that did the trick. 😎

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