I think it's hilarious that in phase diagrams, supercritical fluids are sort of presented as some sort of "Here Be Dragons" area of the map

Factorio Stream 

Bob's Mods, New Game (Ep 4): Elmer Fudd voice: "Kill the biters, kill the biters..." twitch.tv/zalasur

Have you ever just accidentally remembered something really dumb that you said 15 years ago and it completely derails your train of thought for like the next hour?

food rant 

Some people look at my spaghetti sauce and say, "That's not really sauce, that's more like a stew" and I'm like "Keep your thin gruel you call a spaghetti sauce away from my pasta you stingy bastard"

I just picked up a copy of Dyson Sphere Program and am playing around with it. It's pretty solid for an early access game and I think I'll be streaming it some time this weekend.

In the meantime, I will be resuming my Bob's Mods playthrough today. Clearing out more biters!

I've been neglecting my mastodon account for a while. Time to fix that. 😎

Spaghetti sauce 

Spaghetti sauce in the slow cooker. Will taste like victory

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I don't put my age in my bio because then I'd have to update it once a year and honestly that sounds like way too much work.

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Canned chicken (homemade) 

All eight jars did in fact seal. I'm going to store them in the basement after labeling them. We'll probably crack open the first one later this week. 😁

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Canned chicken (homemade) 

The pressure canning experiment was a success (this was my first attempt). It took about 16 chicken breasts to fill up those pint jars. I cut them into strips and packed them in, and added a bit of water to help get rid of the air bubbles. The seasoning was optional, but I added some bbq "rub" seasoning to four of them and for the other four I added seasoning used for gravy mixes.

I just typed "rf -rm node_modules" just to give you an idea how my Monday morning is going

I hope Trump doesn't decide to head over to Mastodon now that Twitter has suspended him

Empyrion stream promo 

New Playthrough: Still Learning the Ropes twitch.tv/zalasur

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Empyrion Stream Promo 

Medium Difficulty Vanilla Playthough on Daramagon, Episode 1 twitch.tv/zalasur

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