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people are mad at Eugen because he said “rich text? more like bitch text” then did a sick kickflip and skateboarded out of the room while smoking a big fat j. everyone thought it was really cool, but they got mad at themselves for thinking it, and it made them even more angry. afterwards they were walking home and Eugen sped by in his sports car, hitting a puddle and soaking them with a comically large wave. to make matters worse, he was in the car with their crush, and prom is only a week away

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Would you trust this guy to manage your galactic civilization?

The year is 2019. I'm trying to add the office printer to my office PC. It's taken me forty minutes to print a PDF. <table flipping emoji>

The bus driver just rebooted the bus.

No joke. The back door wasn't closing properly, so she turned off the bus, waited a few seconds, and then turned it back on.

The door did close, and she was able to resume her route. 😂

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social media is an endless cycle of people posting about game of thrones and people complaining about people posting about game of thrones. it's an unstoppable institutional beast, and i've learned to embrace it

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The Most Dangerous Stuff in the Universe - Strange Stars Explained - Kurzgesagt

I tried to type "global warming" on my phone and it came up as "glam warming" at first and I was like, "If only"

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To image a black hole they needed half a ton of hard drives containing five petabytes of data. The fastest way to transfer that data? Airplane. An airplane data transfer from Mauna Kea to Massachusetts would have a data rate of roughly 14GB per second.


Oreo has Game of Thrones themed packaging for their cookies. They’re so delicious people are calling them practically incestuous 😎

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Ugh. What do you mean it's not Wednesday yet?

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The real solution is to not write any computer programs at all. No one should. Throw your computer through the window. Get up from your desk, go outside. Feel the wind in your hair. Run. Run until you can no longer see the works of man. Sleep among the grass and the leafy boughs. Forget how to speak in human tounges, live in harmony with brother bear and sister deer, son of the wind, daughter of the moon, here in the forest until your time here ends and your bones whiten in the meadow.

Yes, giving your online presentation from your laptop in a crowded noisy cafe with poor WiFi is the perfect way to maintain audience engagement

I forgot to pick up some coffee on my way to work and now I'm drinking office coffee


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