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Two 3/6 in a row! Hot diggity!

Wordle 341 3/6*


One day, and I do mean this sincerely, I will figure out how to spell "relevant" correctly the first time.

Not something I cooked 

I am very clearly not used to wasabi anymore. I'm literally crying πŸ˜‚


Wordle 340 3/6*


Skippy can't fix the world, so instead he's flying in space. Come and hang out, if you'd like.

#Gaming #Gameing

The sun is an eldritch horror.

Inconceivably old, will last for an equally inconceivable amount of time.

Effectively eternal from our perspective.

Looking at it directly will destroy your eyesight.

Unapproachable, at risk of complete immolation.

Incomprehensible and alien.


Wordle 339 4/6*



I passed the knowledge check quiz at the end of the course with a 83.3% (requirement is 80%). There was an option to retake the quiz to correctly answer the one question I got wrong (it was one of those multiple choice questions where you could select more than one answer).

I was like, nah. C's get degrees as they say. I'm good. πŸ˜‰

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This training course I'm taking is apparently being narrated by a robot

Since Mastodon is the elephant app, that makes all other social networks irrelephant.

We do things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy.

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