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I'm installing an autocomplete bundle for vim and I'm wondering if I'm making a huge mistake

So apparently it's important to run homebrew on MacOS from time to time. If you don't, and then one day you want to install one utility, brew will decide to install the entire universe.

Nothing quite like Facebook memories reminding you of something you posted that was really cringe ten years ago

On the one hand it's reassuring to know I've grown a bit over the past decade

On the other, I'd like to reach into the past and smack my younger self upside the head

I abandoned the idea of trying to improve my twitch numbers and started focusing on having fun instead. Lately, I decided that I would move away from Twitch to distance myself from the whole "hustle" mentality and the pervasive follow-bot issue Twitch seems to have no urgency in fixing.

It's definitely a lot less stressful for me these days. 😎

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Her "stream coach" videos were a bit of a red flag, too. There were some useful advice in there from time to time but for the most part it was 20 minutes of talking in vague circles. And what useful advice there was, it was all pretty much common knowledge (maintain a consistent schedule, make your stream interesting to watch, etc). But she never really got down to the details.

After she was outed, she disappeared for a while and reemerged hawking gamer chairs. And now, NFTs. 😂

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I remember last year I was following a streamer who gave out advice for other streamers to help improve their twitch channels. She was later outed out for engaging in fraudulent activity (buying fake followers on Twitter, engaging in shady marketing practices in discord, that sort of thing). It was how she pumped up her own numbers so that she could start her own business telling others how they can pump up theirs.

Out of curiosity, I checked in on her and sure enough she's into the NFT thing.

When you use Vuejs components with bootstrap, you can develop both simple and complex elements that will give you a consistent look and feel across your entire web-based application!

Web designers everywhere: haha no we will not be doing that. Custom CSS everywhere, including layout changes in arbitrary contexts forcing nontrivial modifications to the markup as well.

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~ At the end of a religious ceremony ~

The priest, gesturing beatifically and chanting, 🎶 This site uses cookies 🎶

The congregation replies, 🎶 I accept 🎶

No one remembers what this means or why we say it

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they say swiss clocks have great design but they're all like 9 hours ahead ?

Work, sarcasm 

I'm so glad we're replacing Jenkins with GitHub Actions. Jenkins was confusing, complex, and annoying to work with. GitHub Actions are also confusing, complex, and annoying to work with, but at least they have the added benefit of being proprietary.

Work, funny tool name 

Our design team is using a new tool and it's called "figma" and why yes the jokes are in fact writing themselves, thank you.

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One day critical race theory courses will contain a chapter that talks about that time in 2021 a bunch of people tried to ban the teaching of critical race theory.

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