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time to actually disable your account as a federation protocol and that's it

We're under curfew in our city. Protests are continuing unabated in Minneapolis. I just watched a live feed in Facebook and so far the length of the march seems smaller than in days past, but the weekend is young.

VI - The Encivilizationing - King Frederick on Emperor, Apocalypse Mode, Huge Map, Marathon

Me: "Hmm, all things considered, most people on social media are being non-judgmental. That's surprising."

*Checks Nextdoor*

Me: "Oh right, there it is."

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Huh, never thought I'd see protest-shaming on mastodon before I saw it on facebook. How things have changed!

Well they closed all the Targets in the area. Police precinct burned down overnight. Trump is threatening to shoot protesters now. It's still quiet where I'm at but I'm now a little concerned about the coming days.

I'm less concerned about the unrest than I am about the state's reaction to it. This feels like disproportionate escalation is just around the corner and it's at my front doorstep.

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This shit is real. George Floyd's murder was senseless. Instead of focusing on what trigger this rage, the media will focus on properties that went up in flames. A man was murdered by a racist police culture and the perp is sitting at home guarded by a bunch of cops.

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The Minneapolis Police Department’s third Precinct has been set on reports

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Things are pretty quiet on the home front. I live close to where the riots and looting are taking place but other than the odd siren or two it's been eerily quiet. Hell, we smell someone grilling burgers nearby.

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Needless to say I haven't gotten any of the things done I wanted to do this week because of this parade of fuckery. I wanted to stream today but I couldn't because I am constantly waiting on repair people to show up and fix things (or not fix things, as has been the case lately).

I'm kind of salty about it. I may play some Dwarf Fortress later.

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My vacation thus far:

- A/C isn't working because the energy saver box the power company installed for the last owners of this house no longer works.
- The basement floor drain is blocked. Roto-Rooter came over and said it was a blockage that would require us cutting a hole in the floor to fix.
- Basement flooding. Again. We know the root cause and it will cost thousands of dollars to fix.
- Patio furniture arrived damaged. Their replacements are out of stock so we are out of luck until next month.

So as a house warming gift, my partner's brother decided to get us a patio set. Which is cool and all, but managing the selection and delivery of these items (one of which arrived damaged today, by the way) has been a royal nightmare.

The lesson here? People, if you're going to get someone a gift for their new homes, offer to have their gutters repaired, or chip in to help them with their landscaping project that's needed to mitigate the basement flooding. Patio furniture is nice to have, but yikes.

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Alright y'all.

Unfortunate announcement time.

In approximately three months, on August 1, 2020, I'll be shutting down

I can't see much of a point paying for it anymore, it's kinda played out what it's going to be, and it's not really used much.

Since there are bots hosted here (most of which are mine) I want to give plenty of notice so folks can export their data or migrate their bots.

All good things must come to an end.

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No stream today. I've been wrestling with multiple air conditioner issues and frankly I'm too crabby to really enjoy myself while trying to entertain an audience so we'll go for an early morning sneaky stream tomorrow 😎

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