Trying to write up 'Request for Implementation's rather than trying to solve all problems myself

Anyone use What's their performance like?

Anyone know anyone doing ML stuff at the world bank?

Very fascinated by Parler's infrastructure woes. Wonder what their tech stack is

Tips on preventing my fridge hum from driving me to despair and pain?

Writing a timeline of my history with technology. I have so so many positive memories that I've buried under the weight of negative catasrophization

Paid for mast on my iPad. Gotta support the fediverse

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Hidden deep within the underground caverns of 5he heavily guarded Area 51, there is a computer with "Comic Serif" installed on it. This computer is kept secret, for it contains the power to destroy humanity.

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re: intellectually dishonest debates about "free speech" 

We need to get the profit maximization principle out of social media platforms, and society generally. The fediverse is a big part of that.

But I find it remarkable how many folks who are now protesting about "free speech" when platforms cut off fascists and their enablers were dead silent (or applauded!) when Trump signed his failed government censorship order to ban TikTok.

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I keep trying to find new social networks to be a part of. None of the current ones are doing me any good seems to have a much more active community than I think I'll switch to using my account as primary

How to determine what Mastodon instance to call home?

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