I didn't distro jump in years, but having (different) trouble on both my work laptop and my home PC makes me wonder what other distro should I choose.

Let's waste another day trying to hack some incompatible script into a -compose yml.

I killed my home laptop with dist-upgrade yesterday (Some Lua script failed during the installation and now some parts of the file system, e.g. /bin, are lost.) I should reinstall it, before I'd dare to upgrade my work laptop to 15.3

I finally had some time to install @opensuse 15.2 on my work laptop. With the upgrade it's possible to lock the screen without the ugly, not really user friendly screensaver thingy when using . Yay!

Getting a new laptop at work this month. With @opensuse 15.2 out, I planned to install that, but suddenly I have doubts if I should install instead.

Recently I only use to complain about/to tech companies. Not as if they'd care or anything...

updated to kernel 5.5 yesterday. today the system started with the resolution limited to 800x600. at least I could go back to 5.4...

ever since shows trending hashtags, this is the first time that I'm actually interested in one of them.


what happened with that after my 68.1 upgrade I still have 4 extensions that are not compatible?

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I couldn't use from since weeks. I finally googled the problem. Apparently for a Linux user I tend to wait too much for problems getting solved on their own.


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