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I couldn't use from since weeks. I finally googled the problem. Apparently for a Linux user I tend to wait too much for problems getting solved on their own.

setting up a#Rust development environment on a VM on my work laptop, because I'll need it on the go

The countdown says "18 days", but the official roadmap has no date set for the actual release. Will it be on the 22nd of May? Should I count using a different time zone that my own?

my "favourite" project time activity is holding the hand of somebody else doing his job. no, I'm not talking about pair programming.
are you a manual tester who doesn't dare to click around alone? here I come. are you a project manager unable to make decisions? I'm your man.

Trying to uninstall .

"Please update Visual Studio Installer before proceeding."

On my quest of searching for the perfect mobile keyboard, I stumbled upon the Keyboard. Apparently, they still think that no language exists other than English.

if you map normal letters into destructive actions in your application that can easily be triggered by typing into the wrong window, then fuck you. (yes, I'm looking at you, )

having too many Mastodon accounts means that I start to have trouble posting from the right one :(

after months of problems I've finally fixed my , so it can talk to Facebook again.

(I know, I know, but I still have people there who I talk to.)

doing a 1.63 GiB dist-upgrade with my parents' internet connection. much fun. very speed. wow

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