At Libre Planet (the FSF annual conference) where the keynote about "medical devices" is (25 minutes in) so far just anti-Israeli propaganda talk, including saying that the only place Israelis wouldn't bomb would be a Coca-Cola factory, out of context footage of Israeli snipers, and comparing Israelis to wolves (killing sheep).

Why is it appropriate to discuss these types of things at a conference about free software?

@yisraeldov This is a complicated question.

The talk focused only a small amount on the actual Free stuff, the Free medical devices he and his peers develop. That's wonderful and 100% applicable to the conference.

And it's also okay to talk about the context of the work. What is not okay is using the keynote to promote a vision of hate. [1/2]


Free Software is inherently political. We are a political community. We stand for ethical principles, and it's a mistake to try to divorce our work from those principles.

I also have no issue with discussing war and protecting people as part of that. That is 100% fine. Israel's military action in Gaza has the effect of hurting people. It's a different discussion as to "why".

But hate speech is another thing, and that's what this talk had in it.

OK. My issue is how do you decide what is hate speech? Where is the line between stating a strong option and hate speech? Is there a heuristic to decide.

Additionally what about someone who just cares about the technology, is it possible to to participate in free software discussion without having to deal with politics and social issues, that I don't consider myself qualified to speak about?

@yisraeldov It's one thing to say that you disagree with someone, and it's another to show imagery or metaphor to show them as less than human.

I am not a fan of the right wing Israeli government. I think the Likud party harms Israel's security and its future. I want to see them replaced. This isn't a question about politics- rather about how you present people.

I don't like Hammas. I think they harm the Palestinian people. I see them as people deserving dignity. That's the difference.

I agree. It is really hard to have any type of meaningful discussion when people, on either side use inaccurate language.

Don't mean to be confrontational, honest question. Why do you care what is the gov in Israel?

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@yisraeldov As a Jew... As a person who believes in the vision of a safe haven for Jews.

I want to see it be a peaceful, thriving place, a beacon of Jewish values and culture.

That's not what it's been since the assassination of Rabin. Fear and force have caused Israel to trade in temporary safety for long term health.

I also want to see the return of secular and democratic values in Israel.

@emacsen Ok, well I can understand your interest. What I can say as someone who lives here, is that ever time I think I understand what is going on I realize that I have no idea. Also it is clear that I'm not in the minority.

I have enough on my plate trying to make a living and take care of my family. I am already at my wits end, if I try to get involved with politics it would probably push me over the edge.

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