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Well to any one who watched that live stream. I apologize, it was completely worthless.

So I hope this actually goes out. Hope to do some more live programming with and setting up some routing this time with . In about an hour. Or you can come and argue with me about your crazy opinions, that are obviously wrong, just no one ever questioned you about them. Getting and now.

In the past week, Github has made moves aimed at taking over both free software packaging and now free software crowdfunding.

This is utterly scary, and I'm surprised nobody is talking about it.

The future is bright

#drone #assassination done by women

Mass #surveillance by "open source" (the #openwashing pattern)

#fascism with gay spokespeople

#torture by people of all ethnicities

#WereWinning #diversity
I have demoted "Open Source" to something I only read up on and maybe cover once a week. #OpenSource is dead. It's mostly #proprietarysoftware + #openwashing these days.

Let's switch back to talking about #freesw (freedom).

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Read and use the gitlab work flow. Some things maybe over your head, so read it again and read the git documentation for concepts that you don't understand.

This is one of the best documents I've read on using git properly and productively.ย

You have things in your git repo that don't belong there. Things like '.env'ย  are environment specific, and worse, most of the time will expose private info. Things like "vendors/"ย  are external packages, these also should not be in yourย  repo. When you started a laravel project both of these should have been in the '.gitignore'ย  file.ย 

I don't see that you are using branches, but you are committing "works in progress"ย  to master.ย  You should commit often, but master should be reserved for code that is finished. Do your work on a "feature branch"ย  then when it is done make a merge commit into master.ย 

You need to improve your git skills.ย 

Most of your commit messages are meaningless, like "update".ย  If you are using the same commit message twice,ย  that is a bad sign.ย 

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