@Wolf480pl @sir @minus fwiw I use Matrix because E2E is as simple as pressing a button (I've only read about OMEMO for XMPP, maybe it's the same-ish, I don't know)

also, it's much less painful getting non-technical people to use it as oppose to IRC (and then explaining PGP and everything around that)

my 2¢ here. I know it's not a one-click solution, but given my current landscape, it works :x

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Also I have to use proprietary software for generating invoices, it needs to be approved by the local gov.

Hi all people. Looking for recommendations for financial software.

I need to be able to track all my transactions for my company accounts. Link transactions to PDF files for invoices and expense receipts. Create a report containing all the above info. Also needs to support multiple currencies. Would be great if it could be multilingual, account names in 2 languages.

I used to use 10 years ago, but tried setting it up and was a pain.

cli looks promising. dev and all.

@codesections This is always worth posting again.

users vastly out perform other coders! I think it has to do with the type of person that uses . Some one who wants the source code of his editor to be easily seen and modified.

"Perhaps they tend to be more willing to invest time and effort customizing a complex editor in the short-term in order to get returns from a more powerful tool in the long-term?"

Is there a on ? For selling or trading tech ( and non-tech ) stuff?

I wan't to trade or sell my . And probably some watches and maybe otherstuff.

sometimes #Ubuntu is not very easy. Had to figure out how to build `youtube-dl-gui` from source (entering the strange world of the pip ecosystem) on Ubuntu 18.10. (Arch, for instance, has it in the AUR.) [There are PPAs, but apparently out of date.]

My sudden realization: people who are naturally kind-hearted aren't automatically virtuous: some folks let their character rely on their disposition, and they're secretly really mean and nasty individuals.

People that want to punch other stupid people and have dark thoughts yet still crawl out of bed to smile and be a productive member of society -- those are the folks heavily relying on their virtues to overcome their disposition.

there are so many languages in the world. it's really fascinating, and, really, people who speak another lang don't understand you. complete different culture and perspective of things. even today tech mend n mesh a lot, and english, but still. most others, no unstand u!

Ok, last one for now.

and You: Why your collection is never quite complete


If you are watching these videos you probably have a problem.

Another great one one diminishing returns. This could be applied to tech as well, not just .


emacs eww is such an underappreciated browser.

It's great for reading documentation and copypasta.

#emacs #eww


What do you think about this .

I like brown switches.

Koolertron Programmable Split Mechanical Keyboard with OEM Gateron Black Switch, All 89 Keys Programmable Ergonomic Keypad, 8 Macro Keys - [SMKD62] (OEM Black Switch (Game)) amazon.com/dp/B076FQB6Q3/ref=c

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