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User on Hello everyone! I'm new here. My interests include crocheting, gardening and electronics. Looking forward to sharing tips with you all!

*One month later*

User: Capitalism must fall sooner rather than later, or else it will take our planet with it. We must dispose of the Capitalist pigs now. No cops, no borders, no landlords. The time for revolution is coming. This vegan curry I just made is delicious.

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If you enjoy my posts about #wrenching on my old truck engine rebuild project, please consider boosting this message. I'd love to find more people on the fediverse who are mechanically inclined and can share advice. Due to the decentralized nature, it's not as easy to find niche interests.

To anyone who doesn't know, I'm slowly rebuilding my 1965 GMC 1000 pickup. Right now I have the engine pulled. It's been machined, and I'm reassembling. I have a long road ahead.

#Wrenching #DIY #ClassicCars
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If your programming language does not spark joy, hack your compiler.

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It's also possible you may be running python3 on a python2 script, or vice versa...

That could do it.

Got an example? Maybe you're not used to reading Pythonish stack traces... yes I am willing to help a bit.


We're talking python, not perl, right?

How does Python not "work right"?

I'm puzzled by this, because (among other things) we use it for machine learning a lot and it seems to be slower than C but not by much, and considerably easier to code in.


I find I need to reinvent myself every five to ten years anyway.

keeps me on top of things.

And ... for the record... I am 62 .


Simple solution is to use Lisp or Python . Both have arbitrary precision integer arithmetic built in.

GDB if I can, whatever (IDLE??) if I can't.

But a lot of stuff I do lately is in OpenGL so eyeballs-on-screen is kinda part of the loop.

(reposting at least three down):

God wrest ye buried gentlemen from your eternal sleep

It's time to dig your way out from your slumber six feet deep

I need to raise an army and the living don't come cheap

Oh, zombies, submit to my command

====heed my commands

Oh, zombies, submit to my command

Yeah, I know it's paradoxical that a $20 Casio actually keeps better time than a $500 Hamilton, but it can be true. And I've seen a $1000 Tissot (no reciever, just a carefully tweaked quartz) that was good for a half-second a month, which is pretty damn fine for anything short of a rubidium clock or one of the Shortt-Synchronome "pendulum in a vacuum tank" clocks (those were a second-a-year clocks).

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