"I Think Therefore I Am"

"I Count Fire Hydrants Therefore I Am"

Being a sysadmin would be the best job in the world if it wasn't for a those users, computers, servers, networking and management.

Anyone here have any interesting info sec stories? I once thought we had an attack bringing down our network but it was a faulty wire causing a loopback. What're the chances...

All Ancaps should read snow crash to view the inevitable result of their ideas

removed the post showing the t_D and russia link, I'm just sitting back munching on my popcorn

> tfw someone asks you, to experimentally change something (test out and solve little problem) in the most critical system in the company. And asks wheather it'll be ready in half an hour

Love when users don't mention a problem to me for weeks and then say "WE'VE BEEN HAVING THIS PROBLEM FOR WEEKS!"

Not the news I wanted to start my day with 🙃 #FML
#sysadmin #infosec #netsec

CVE-2018-8475 is a remote code execution #vulnerability in #Windows OS, which exists due to the image-loading functionality improperly handling malformed image files. An attacker could #exploit this bug by convincing a user to load a malformed image file from either a web page, email or other method


Some days I am a digital god, rendering informational miracles from nothing. And some other das I can't remember my network password.

Hope everyone had a good lunch, the fresh kitchen by my office had no wifi today. I was forced to sit and quietly think to myself...the horror

Public Radio 

Public Radio is probably the best thing my dad ever introduced me to. I don't know if I would be this aware of world politics and news without it. Plus "Wait wait dont tell me" is an icon and nothing will convince me otherwise

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