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hell this comes from someone who's been using 6502 since 1987 (as if asm is "readable" at any paces ;o)

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a(n intentional?) barrier to entry for me with programming languages like rust is that the readability is poor at 20 paces

or at least it's not very readable for someone who hasn't dealt with enough of C++ to rewrite Unreal Tournament in their sleep...

and this is coming from someone who's been using Perl since 2000

I'd still be made to learn rust than javascript, though

I see that Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart is about to drop

I think the biggest barrier to entry here will be getting an actual console to play it on. Are Sony making PS5s for the world, as opposed to for the 23 scalpers who are sat at their computers hitting F5?

holy shit Apple fixed the bug in iOS 14 where Calendar had become useless (no notification of upcoming events)

economic castes, school. 

Fuck this "Android is for poor people" shit and other classist bullshit infecting the halls of those prisons without bars called "schools"

And a boot to the head for "School Resource Officers", who have always been armed police officers who hate school children

It's the computer equivalent to taking a picture of the screen, printing that out, and then FAXing it.

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I didn't know "PDF" was an "image format".

And it's probably the most idiotic form: a GIF pasted into a PDF container.

It's 2021

and last year's Xcode .xip is still unpacking on someone's Mac, somewhere

All the "M"s in the WORLD won't make the thing go faster. I wonder if Apple ran the equivalent of "pigz" on the thing, but using some super-duper secret computer the NSA rents time on

Clearly someone at Apple isn't feeling a major pain point, so they've marked it as WORKSFORME (so it must WORKFOREVERYONEELSE)


guess I was on the working half of the internet today

COVID-19 adj, uspol 

I hope one thing we take away from this pandemic is that we start wearing masks and doing social distancing during flu season

Of course, since this is USA, where it's been baked into certain parts of the nation that being considerate of others is "un-American" or some bullshit, I have my doubts...

In keeping with the "frog being slowly boiled" thing, I can't remember when it stopped being OK to take others into consideration when you act.

I do not miss traveling

Commercial airline industry has poisoned the well. DHS/TSA have poisoned the well some more.

Commercial air travel was great in the 1980s, but that time is long over. I guess it was by happenstance, since airline deregulation happened in the 1970s and there's the usual lag before the shitty results present themselves

There was never a grace period for DHS/TSA; they immediately made bad shit WORSE.

>spam email with Subject: of "Are you surfing from anxiety?".


really; that's what your password manager's "notes" section is for. Just make up a bunch of shit and write it into there.

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>"never lie"

OK, true enough, but when it comes to filling out those "security" questions on a website,

*always* lie.

quick reminder that "old-school" audio like the iPod or any of the other MP3 players is not only not obsolete, it's still a current thing

don't let "cloud" music deceive you

went to ebay and bought another MD recorder. The MZ-N420D!

It runs off one AA battery and can record data and can be directly hooked up to the computer.

we need something that can be power-used like C, can be picked up over your lunch break like PHP, and is safe like Rust or Swift, without the line noise of Perl and without coerced types (and other problems) of javascript.


"To make a bad day worse, spend it wishing for the impossible."

staring at the broken Transwarp, the five PALs that I can't read or even verify mocking me annoyingly

All the rest of the logic on the board I could test tests fine. As for the bank of 41256s, I can just swap those wholesale if they're suspect.

holy shit this video playback speed control extension works on "GIF" videos too!

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