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>Disney ends Star Wars exclusivity with EA.


>EA still has exclusivity for another 2 years.

Bummer. I guess that's half a game, maybe 75% of a game that EA could make.

>wind blowing a 737 around the tarmac; dude on the ground thinks he can stop it sliding around

What is it with people trying to stop impossibly large objects in motion with their squishy, flimsy bodies

Maybe they're trying to get a refresher course in how inertia works


Trump has a week left; he has a chance to get impeached a third time

One of the best investments I ever made was in 1995 when I bought the Infomagic Linux CD set.

It had a copy of Slackware on there, amongst other things.

It was the point at which I stopped using Windows regularly, and started using Unix. It was instrumental in my having a career with steady employment.

A private enterprise denying you a venue to speak is not censorship.

Individuals muting you (or otherwise choosing to not hear you) to keep their sanity is not censorship.

It's clear that people in general either don't know what censorship is, or are being grossly misled about it.

I went to training yesterday with no new email at work.

Today, I have 70 new in inbox. orz

god kortext is HORRIBLE

First, it logs me out at random on the desktop. So I stupidly try using their iOS app.

I go to download it, and it gives me another dialog where I have to login ... with Adobe account.

But the joke's on me. Even though it states I need Adobe account, it really wants kortext account.

DRM suuuuucks.

Mark Zuckerberg "built Facebook apps" like Elon Musk "built electric vehicles and rockets". Just like Steve Jobs "built the iPod" and then "built the iPhone".

I really wish the credit for actually putting these things on the map went to those who did the actual building, and not the rich people they helped make richer. Entire companies were founded because of this lack of proper credit.

Woz is lucky to have been properly credited with making the Apple II series.


there is no WAY Lectern Dude isn't going down for felony theft. That lectern is worth way more than he is

(of course, there's still the small matter of him being a seditious shitheel ;o)

I'll admit that I don't use Telegram because homegrown encryption rubs me the wrong way

>training class with PDF that's on a website whose purpose is DRM.

Great, getting logged out of my course materials at random is a thing

>Sonic the Hedgehog prototype dumped.


Apparently this was dumped with Retrode 2, only the best cart player I've got! (I have a Retrode and two of the Retrode 2.)

And it's a really strange beast, typical of the usual prototype carts. Funny to see some of the bugs present in the final version present here.

>Evan Doorbell has a soundcloud!

What interesting times we live in. Actually, something like soundcloud is about the perfect place for the Phone Trips; it's just that YouTube has a bit more permanence.

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and oh... by "look[ing] like a standard [browser]", I mean "websites you connect to consider you to be a "Chrome" or a "Firefox"

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pretty sure I'm not going to dump Firefox for something Google controls, nor will I go to a browser that doesn't support the extensions I want

still pining for a browser that looks like a standard one, but has the functionality of uMatrix built in,

>Hallmark wants its money back from Roger Marshall (R-KS) too.

I knew my representation would eventually turn up in this shitty mess

(this is all due to the Capitol building incident last week)

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>Hallmark wants $3k of donations back from Josh Hawley.

Although Hallmark (strangely) doesn't have a card for this, Ben Folds Five has song lyrics:

Give me my money back
Give me my money back, you bitch.
I want my money back
And don't forget
Don't forget
to give me back my black T-shirt

Binding Arbitration is an affront to actual legal process, and this is a well-known fact because car dealership networks fought tooth and nail to make sure THEY weren't subject to it.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

It's not that lawyers need to be abolished; it's that the legal system needs about 8 billion enemas.

At least things look to have been resolved all-around, though. Very good thing I've had my credit frozen since Equifax leaked in 2017.

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>employer responds to my response regarding unemployment fraud by suggesting the very things I already told them I've done.

What "too much automation" looks like.

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