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"Oh you're just resistant to change."

No... I just want to use my computer without having some mystery meat navi

it's annoying that image previews in Mastodon aren't at the same aspect ratio horizontally as the picture you click through to

and oh... before turning iMessages off, if you want to delete any messages, now is the time to do that, because turning off iMessages logs Messages out of iCloud.

"Trial and error" is this generation's "Just Works"

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Wow... I had to make Messages sign in to then turn iMessages off, and that deletes the fucking "!" badge

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fighting my iPad that's supposed to "Just Work" because I don't want iMessages on there

I didn't even want iMessages on my iPhone, but that was easy enough to get rid of there. No such luck with the iPad

The notification badge has been the worst UI element in recent times. It's the UI equivalent to someone barging in on you while you're taking a leak.

Man would it trouble video content creators to check their mic levels (and check their audio levels when they edit) so that consumers of their video can hear them

Too many YouTube videos have audio that's near the noise floor. Obviously, their intro and outro music is the most important audio because that's never permanently dipped.

Another day at the "docker did a bad thing behind my back" factory

Watching the Jimpressions of Rift Apart

The video states what I'd long suspected: Rift Apart is the first proper reason to want a PS5. Good thing I'm willing to wait over a year, like I did with Little BigPlanet and the PS3...

what's worse, there are probably adults born this century who have never been to an arcade

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>Capcom arcade compilation had to explain what "credits" are.

Am I old yet

That RasPi 3 with the red X on the USB port is one that I modified to boot off USB.

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A sample of the majority of full-sized Model B RasPi computers I have, including the first revision

Every time I touch Slack, I come away feeling that my eyes need to take a shower.

I have to use this thing for my job. :o/

I get the impression that MS's requirement of TPM for their next atrocity is going to have the effect of locking the machine to Windows

I can't prove anything. I simply don't have enough information.

(that's not me, btw... I'm fairly neutral on music and movies ;o)

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Imagine being cursed with strong opinions on programming languages, music, and movies -- all at once.

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I'll admit that the less I know about a programming language, the more likely I only know about what I'm told to hate about it

I get the impression that if I ever play with Flight Simulator, I'll be like Hobbes when Mom leaves Calvin in the car: "I get to beep the horn!"

Here's me at the controls of a 747, parked at the gate, tweaking the target altitude for the autopilot just to see the digits bounce around. None of that digital rubbish!

I guess I'd be simulating being maintenance crew, then... ;o)

Holy moly... new NAS shipped with barely enough RAM to get out of its own way (it shipped with 2GB RAM)

So I put 8GB more into there, and it at least has extra RAM now.

But of course I hate RAM sizes that aren't a power of 2. It's like the bug guts on the windshield. It drives me bonkers. But it works fine...

Windows 10: the poster child for how to NOT do a rolling release.

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