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Pretty sure I bought Super Smash Bros Melee to get "Button Masher" in every round

That, and I can boot Swiss with it

those people who won't believe that USB keys and microSD cards can be reprogrammed to report any capacity the seller wants...

They're the reason it's so dangerous to buy USB keys and SD cards online. Even companies with good refund policies like Amazon flog this shit.

I just buy the things from Micro Center. Even though physical supply chains are apparently infected with fakes, this is still the safest option.


>NY suspends Rudy Giuliani's law license.

SUCK IT, you fuck

I did buy the iPad so I could "consume" in a supported way, though...

Or at least get my bills paid if someone waved a wand and only Chrome worked on the web...

(Computing's not this terrible, and I don't think it will ever be, but it's sure hard to be optimistic sometimes.)

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Apple, Inc. is like the teenager who "no one understands", but who seems to have grown up enough to know what's best for everyone else

Microsoft is the aging dad who desperately wants to show the world that he can be like his dysfunctional son

And here I am in the middle wondering if I'll even be able to own a new computer in the future, or if I'll have to rent one to serve as a slow, laggy TTY that shows a barely-functional UI to me so I can consume.

Windows Vista may have been better received if it didn't require a new computer, but I'm sure Vista was also double-crossed by OEMs because OEMs shipped their computers at the bare-minimum spec to even get Vista to show up for work.

By the time Windows 7 came out, people had upgraded hardware, so of course "Windows 7 is way better than that shit from before"

related: it's awesome to see Firefox Multi-account Containers work as designed. I was signed in to YouTube (container), and tried to go to Google Voice without the container. It asks me to sign in.

Going to Voice in the container picked up that I was already signed in.

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OK, I can delete multiple call records on web, but that brings me to my next issue:

a boot to the head for whoever thought not supporting the keyboard while selecting was a great idea.

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the reason Google won't implement "delete all" on their voice product is because they damned-well don't want you deleting all

It's OK to warn me that I'm deleting all, but ffs let me delete ALL texts or call records in one click, you JERK

Pretty sure that if I ever need to write a program that's supposed to run on Android, I'd be best off just learning Kotlin

(or does that imply that I need to know Java first?)

I'll bet Microsoft has bugs in MORICONS.DLL despite it allegedly just being icon resources packed into a DLL

I hate thin scrollbars that aren't the native window decoration

I hate "invisible" scrollbars that magically appear for a few pixels even more.

Extra angry points if your shitty scrollbar retread leaves off the arrow widgets. BITE MY ENTIRE FAT ASS.

CAVEAT: I may not know what I'm talking about.

Am I to believe that Slack responded to their apparent "auth creds never expire and can be replayed" security hole by simply making the auth token expire sooner? Tokens can be replayed, but just not forever.

That's what it sounds like to me.

Of course, as an end user, this tech debt is shoveled onto me in the form of being periodically (randomly) logged out.

my other DDG search of "create docker image from scratch" isn't doing much better, though the results at least have the REAL Docker in them.

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>DDG search of "matrix server uses too many resources".
>a bunch of shit about matrix organizations turns up.

Corporations pollute everything, film at 11.

Docker: because developers got tired of bugs where "it works on my machine"

guess I found out how to make reddit instantly more useful (and usable):

sub "" with ""

No more fucking "read entire discussion" thing that never works

While I think it's cool that newer chat systems natively do "multi-device" support, I'm fine with having a client always connected behind a screen and having "persistence" that way.

The clients for these new systems are abusive to and inconsiderate of my resources (whether device or network). Yet it's somehow my fault for not getting with the times.

>181 people are typing furiously...

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IRC "replacements" like Slack and Discord rub me the wrong way. Not just because "IRC has always worked, and just because DCC is bullshit doesn't mean IRC is bullshit", but because of other reasons.

Slack and Discord don't seem to have text clients I can run like I can with irssi. That's right -- I want to make the new hotness look like EPIC4 in 1997. I can make IRC as delivered through Hexchat look like that...

There are other reasons, but this is the biggest one.

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