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is it wrong of me to say "Fire in the hole" as I hit "Submit" on my employee survey

In the year 2364, when Windows 10 2H 2364 is automatically installed to take up all isolinear storage and dilithium crystals, the EULA will still render in 10-point Times New Roman.

capitol insurrection. 

A lot of people are being schooled by courts because they refuse to keep their mouths shut

I guess it's entertaining how commenters on YouTube think that the head shed at (say) EA cares about what OS and 3D graphics systems their games use.


Hmm... maybe I used a bad example, given that EA is the "you WILL use Frostbite for your next game" company

And now instead of an audio icon, the tab displays "PLAYING"



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>Firefox 89 changed my tabs.


(I really wish the container indicator was still on the bottom of the tab.)

Also! It finally dawned on me to make missing utilities (like less!) by compiling them static on my computer and then putting the binaries on the NAS.

It's almost like I can use the thing now ;o)

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it was something to do with Synology's extended attributes. As soon as I cleared them on the NAS, everything started working properly.

Jeez... I mean, the B-52 was massive and unwieldy, but at least I didn't have to babysit file permissions every couple weeks..

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fighting some Synology gremlin where I create files on NFS mounts and they're all 777

chmod has no effect.

god reddit is such a massive lose as far as archival of information


I don't know the exact vaccination rate for my county, though I don't think paying attention to that is enough. I probably need the vaccination rates for the counties in the metro area.

What I suspect is that this vaccination rate isn't enough for me to stop wearing my mask, even though the CDC guidelines state that I can stop since I'm officially fully vaccinated.

It's better to fail safe here.

It's only my opinion, but shingled hard drives should NEVER have been rated for NAS, let alone been foisted on end users without being labeled as "shingled"

If I ran that part of WD, I'd be going through my Marketing department with a daisy cutter

but I really hate having a password sitting there, so there's still work to be done

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man I sure hate having any password lying around on disk, but this is for me to rsync everything on the NAS to a ZFS pool, then export the zpool (with the rsync password within it) and take it off-site

oh... and the zpool is encrypted

so it's fairly safe -- no one can get at the rsync modules even with the password unless the zpool's imported, the password is just for the rsync, I could stop rsync service running by disappearing the conf file unless a backup is going...

hmmmmm... I might want to, after many years, finish making irssi more than just "usable" in a bare-bones sense

It comes from many other years of me camping out in EPIC4 with ancient scripts, and wanting irssi to be like that experience

OK, guess I won't be upgrading these VMs that run Trusty to the latest LTS.

By the time I got the VM to 18.04, things like NTP stopped working "just because". systemd-resolved stupidly, stubbornly tried to cram its way into a system that was set up with BIND 9. dnsmasq and dhcpdv6 tried to ruin the party I had going with dhcpd.

So I'll have to build a new one and migrate everything over.

In reality, your computing from 2011 could easily run today's software if we hadn't bought the myth that developer time optimizing software wasn't worth the effort

Executives of companies responsible for shifting product took it as a challenge to see how tightly they could crank that refresh cycle, so it's why we stupidly upgrade our fashion statements yearly (though that has little to do with poor software and more to do with greed and stupidity).

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1950: the first software goes under maintenance.
1960: some programmers wonder when the exponentially-decreasing performance of software will stop.
1970: we need more core, more disk, more offline storage, more more more.
1981: oh... LISA will need a hard drive just to boot. Only $3500 for 5MB!
1990: just throw more RAM and hard drive at the performance problem.
2010-: try hiding resource issues caused by bad software practices any old way you can.

>dnf(Dandified YUM)

I keep thinking it means "did not finish"

>Comcast forwards bogus DMCA claim from OpSec Security; the infringing file being torrented is Ubuntu ISO.

When I told Comcast Salesman that "Comcast has a bad reputation", events like this are exactly what I refer to.


I'm having trouble believing this. These guys are like the BBC TV vans of the internet.

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