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(this all coming from long-time WD shop, btw)

In terms of solid-state storage, kinda hard for Establishment brands to compete with these Inland ones when the Inland devices work just as well (caveat: my only benchmarks were "does it work?" and "does it still work months from now without crashing?")

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>Seagate Fire Cuda.

Possibly the only thing bearing "Seagate" name I'd even think about trusting today.

>WD and their rubbishy hiding of shingled recording on WD Red.


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No thanks... pretty sure I should still be AMD shop

"[A good lawn] is like any relationship..."

Bury the hatchet, then. We don't need no water, let the motherfucker burn

Really... I'm very close to hiring someone who I can tell "you have one job: exterminate every weed, and don't come back until the grass is gone."

I wish I could pave the entire thing.

> is
> is

pretty sure this is why the Flex is doing that smarmy-ass "Yikes! That didn't work" bullshit

not my problem

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xfinity Flex streaming box can't be reset by the end user.

Just get the equivalent Roku if you want one of these.

>bigclive asks "CAN WE HACK IT?"

it must be rhetorical question

Of course they can hack it

>shingles vaccine
>$200, but insurance should(...) cover it.

Jesus Chr...

>they don't want you to have had any vax in the past 4 weeks.

Looks like that's going to be later this year, then, cause I'm definitely getting COVID-19 vax next week...

end user: *advertises prefixes into my network*
my network: REJECTED
end user: opens request to delete the RPL blocking his announcenents
Me: I'm not sure I should just delete that...

LATER, after asking around and being met with silence, then having an epiphany that doesn't involve stabbing my PHB voodoo doll...

Me: Oh, I can't delete that anyway; it would allow them to announce ANY prefix and have it accepted, and I definitely don't want that

Also! One part of the procedure called for the HDA to be warmed up for 30 minutes prior to testing.

I think that thermal expansion coupled with stepper motor actuators may have been part of end users' poor experience with early MFM hard drives. Voice coil actuators and servo info on-disk are taken for granted by us, and have been almost since the first voice coil drives shipped.

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and yes, TRS's official docs called the HDA part of the hard drive "the bubble"...!

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I watched a Radio Shack training video about "hard drive alignments". This was early-1980s hard drives that had separate controller boards and had an adjustment for spindle speed. The controllers had adjustments for the error amp and the DRUN signal.

A part of every diagnostic test procedure was ... a complete low-level format of the hard drive.

I can't imagine being a customer and having a whopping 10MB of TRSDOS stuff burnt because "the bubble was misaligned", but that's why I back up... ;o)

>the app is grossing around $1 million per month by scamming iOS users,

I'm clearly doing everything wrong in my life. If I just hold my nose and scam everyone for a year...

I'd totally try fixing an in-warranty item myself rather than suffer the 8 weeks turnaround time, the risk of losing the thing in shipping, other things that are item-specific

This only goes for stuff I know I can fix

"Slack" is what happened when VCs tried to monetize IRC

Luckily, the real IRC survived and isn't going away, and refuses to die, and will outlive your children's children.

No, Jira, I will NOT split my 8000 line log file capture over more than one comment, fix your shit

Everyone hates printers and thinks they're stupid because printers do hateful, stupid shit like "print" pages that are BLANK

1977: you can buy a computer and make it do a thing the night you take it home and set it up.

1987: your computer comes with "DOS" and you need to buy and learn "C" (or at least BASIC) to make it do things.

1997: you just buy a computer with "Windows 95". You might pirate "Visual C++" because MS have done you in without lube.

2007-: you pay Apple and/or Google yearly, and submit your "apps" to their opaque verification process that can reject your app for any reason.

They call it "progress". Somehow.

Every time you click "Favorites" in YouTube, at least one of the videos you favorited is "unavailable".

Now YouTube just hides them, so you have no clue what the missing videos were.

Every time you favorite a video there, also download it so at least YouTube won't delete it later...

"Here Today, Gone At Random."

virus, uspol-adjacent. 

>COVID-19 vaccine appointment confirmed.

Now to work out where I go, because they just pointed me to a building in the industrial district.

And also, all of these vaccines are "unapproved." While there's nothing really wrong with that, because FDA takes years to approve anything, it really drives home the notion that there was poor execution all-around on this one.

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