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btw the Beyond Meat, although it tastes different to the Impossible Burger, is awesome in this spaghetti sauce!

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Several advantages to using plant-based substitute for meat, for me:

- gets badly-needed vegetables into my diet on a regular basis
- none of this stuff sticks to my utensils when I cook it like animal meat does
- it actually TASTES GOOD, so I don't just try it once and then never touch it again

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Periodic reminder: "freedom of speech" is not the same thing as "expectation that you'll be heard" or "the obligation to listen" or even "a private enterprise's obligation to provide you with a platform or material support"


Cooking up another batch of plant-based "meat", this one from Beyond Meat. (I've also got a batch from Incogmeato I'll be trying.)

Seems to cook slightly different to the Impossible Burger I tried before (and which is excellent), but not too far off from standard ground beef. Looking forward to sampling this in my spaghetti and meat sauce.

Man... who makes this shit up? "serving sizes" can be literally anything.

Elon "The world put me on a pedestal and I'm OK with that" Musk.

Elon "I can solve any problem because I'm Elon Fucking Musk son" Musk.

(really...there's a million of 'em)

"People hate email" like "people hate FTP"

People still use email, which is understandable. Everyone can use email from anywhere, insecure as email is. It doesn't require some privacy-invading mobile device.

I can't grok why anyone would use insecure FTP today, when secure alternatives are available.

While there always seems to be drama surrounding anything these days, I think it's generally a good thing that adoption of Signal is increasing.

It would be interesting to see what the fediverse looks like graphically

I'll bet there is the actual fediverse, and this bizarro "fediverse" that's basically a large echo chamber Anchored by gab

>Evan Doorbell has YouTube channel.

Cool! All the Phone Trips in one convenient place. And NO Real Player needed!

>Henry Dreyfus talking about packaging food in edible packaging.

That's not a dumb idea. Imagine how empty the trash would be every week if I could eat the packaging I throw away?

We all knew what happened with technology. It didn't give us more leisure time. It enabled executives to demand more "productivity", even if that productivity was useless and really not productivity at all.

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>Technology is opening up a new world of leisure time. One govt report projects that, by the year 2000, Americans will have a 30-hour work week,


>and take month-long vacations as the rule.


I've been spending all this time working at least 50 hours per week, so the joke must be on me.

We Americans should have called our game "gridiron" and not "football"

One thing I like about this fediverse is that while growth would be a great thing, there is no hard mandate to do what is essentially increasing a number by an amount some financial analyst pulls out of their ass.

show me the dentist that admits 1) that it's probably OK to not floss; 2) they never floss their own teeth

(there are at least dentists that don't floss if their own Dental Association is to be believed ;o)

wow getting EQUIFAX credit report is a shitshow.

They're the only one of the three that want me to mail a letter to them requesting my "free" credit report.

Is it because I froze my credit reports universally after Equifax had a data breach, and my information was compromised?

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wow getting credit reports is a shitshow

I know the horses have already run off and I'm securing the gate about one letter too late

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Aaaand now some shitheel has filed a claim for unemployment compensation in my name.

This is a load of shit

still miffed that American Airlines needlessly changed their logo

Everyone who wants to change a logo should be required to look at Coca-Cola and understand why they have used the same main logo since about 1885!

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