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boy those fucking standardized tests are really teaching us!

Elon Musk is the answer to "what if Thomas Edison's and Steve Jobs's ego had a love child?"

DDG searches left in Iron:

>can i learn swift in a week
>how do i learn rust
>68000 instruction set.

The only thing missing is the dead blow hammer with a handle swaddled in electrical tape.

Amazon gave me a CAPTCHA just because I dared to go to their website in an Incognito window.


re IPv6: there are still hosters who, in 2017, gave me an entire /28 of PUBLIC space for one server.

That same hoster has IPv6, and I had it working, but then they stupidly BLOCKED IPv6 WITH THEIR FUCKING FIREWALL WHAT THE FUKC

Actually, I should recant and revise. Lower-hanging fruit, and all:

Mamas don't let your babies grow up to use Windows

Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be hackers

Whenever there's any issue upstream, my ONT takes the ethernet link down. And I can't tell from the lights they give my side of the ONT what's happening. All the SRX knows is that the link went down. :o(

Rrrrgh... CCI, you can stop doing whatever it is you're doing upstream to knock my ONT offline. It makes it hard for the internet pixies to reach me.

>I wanted to call you, but I have AT&T, so this seemed like a more reliable option.

When sending a message in a bottle is more reliable than AT&T or Verizon, despite having infrastructure like 900 Race Street in Philadelphia or 140 West Street in NYC Manhattan, and CHARGING MONEY like you're maintaining those facilities, you really have to wonder

You really have to wonder how much the "hookers and blow" line item is on their financial results each quarter.

I spent the past hour writing and debugging an SRAM checker for Sonic 3 & Knuckles save data. I could not have done any of this without the disassembly of the game.

It's good to know I get the same answer as the game gives ;o)

How quaint. Someone referred to Tesla Motors as a "startup" in 2019.

It's worse than that: this smoke detector can tell when the backup battery door is OPEN, and also if a backup battery is installed. That last part isn't terrible, but just because I OPENED THE BACKUP BATTERY DOOR (to find out what kind of battery it was), it beeps every 30 seconds.

Turns out the battery's OK and I just needed to close the door all teh way. :oP

now I know exactly when one minute has passed because the battery backup in my electric smoke detector is flat.

So it makes that beeping noise

TIL that disk][ firmware (at least the 16-sector version) lets you load up to 16 sectors without writing a boot loader. Just put the number of sectors you want in the first byte on track 0, sector 0. The controller loads the sectors in physical order at $800. Some games actually depend on this!

If you need your disk to work with a Smartport or you need to move the head, all bets are off: you'll be writing a boot loader. ;o)

Why does Tail's aircraft, which has a flipping ROCKET BOOSTER strapped to the fuselage, also need a propeller on the front?

Seems superfluous to me, is all I'm saying, SEGA...

You know someone shopped the graphics when an Apple II has like 4 shades of blue and three pinks. In "hi-res" mode, which had two blacks, two whites, green, magenta, blue, and orange.

(though thanks to NTSC color tricks, a developer who knew what they were doing could get more apparent colors ;o)

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