@lee4hmz the very last time I saw a switch box with no neutral was in a house built in 1972. It also had aluminum branch wiring, and there had been a fire because of that.

At least the worst I have to deal with in this house electric wise is those stupid back-wired receptacles (and also "multi-branch" circuits)

@gudenau hedge fund bet that a company would fail using shares that had already been used to bet against the company

Reddit's action is the stock market equivalent to forcing the hedge fund to use something after it has been free()'d

>hedge funds shorting shares [of GameStop] that were already shorted.


And then they whinge when they lose money, boo-flipping-hoo

If I could join a network engineers union right now, I'd do it.

I'd gladly pay dues to have better bargaining power than the bullshit "advocacy but not really" "HR" claims it does

They're not your friends. They're not even your allies.

For a thing called "Universal SERIAL Bus", they sure fucked up by... not making RS-232 serial... universal... through it.


>57 drivers for the same dip-ass thing that doesn't support BREAK, or even hardware flow control.

and wow, unlike Fedilab, the notification disappears when I tap through it!

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>text with survey asking if I "agree with the Democrats plan to impeach [former] President Tr


(but I'll be fucked if I'm replying to these; fuck whoever put these boiler room texters up to this shite)

@unlofl that's probably part of the reason they "pivoted" to "PC Card" for the later Cardbus ones ;o)

I very much miss Subway. It's like finding a well-worn pair of shoes and feeling whole again.

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More old stuff. I have linear flash on PCMCIA, but that's buried in a mountain of junk.


Holy shit. A co-worker of mine just got done with a bout of COVID-19. Luckily no one who comes into the office at all...

I hope I'm not just lucking out on this, though I've tried my best despite others' best efforts. No trouble yet..

Subway is back... Subway is back...

(had to fire Subway for Fedilab cause it stopped posting pictures. Had to fire Fedilab cause trying to post pics crashes it.)

@erinzer04 ohh.. that's probably because the software that last used that input (or some other software) fiddled with the levels without warning

@erinzer04 also, the input you want may not appear unless you're "recording" a thing, so there's that pitfall as well

@erinzer04 you've probably already been around this block, but have you tried looking at your inputs in pavucontrol? (In a GUI, this shows up as "PulseAudio Volume Control")

I've had similar problems, except with outputs, where pulse thinks my Blue Yeti mic is a great default output. I had to use pavucontrol to tell it which output to use.

@bclindner yes! Hats off to the non-glamorous work they've done, while "gamers" complain that "Valve haven't made any new games" and are "living off the Steam gravy train".

Turns out that "making things better" is a rather long-term position, and it'll pay off.

Note to self: take a light and a ladder to storage unit, for those night-time rummaging needs

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