TIL SpiderOak has a "VP of something", is giving away iPhone 13s via scammy emails with Subject: of "Yes, this email is really from us and we still have free stuff", and they supposedly have a mail drop in an industrial park near the Costco in Lenexa

(as usual, the headers give them away and I daren't open any of this in a web browser)

@suetanvil kinda hard to tell. Togers seems to be nationally crappy, whereas with Comcast, the major faults tend to depend on region (though there are universally crappy things about Comcast)

@ericwbailey also, since they checked for the keyboard by seeing if the power light was drawing current, if this light ever burns out, the Apple III won't boot (it goes into infinite test loop)

Computers have been living in the shadow of some of Apple III's other decisions. The diagnostics disk uses "funny mode", allowing the Apple III to run DOS from the Apple II and use integer BASIC (hey it was a machine developed in 1978)

I hasten to add that I did check the partitioning and the installer claimed that the ESP on the external drive was going to be used. I just didn't think to check if it was also going to use the host system ESP despite the partitioning telling me it'd "keep" files for it.

I should have gone into there and made sure it was "do not use" :oP

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So when I went to use it, I get GRUB emergency menu, even though I "tested" it at home. Of course it booted at home because the fake ESP was there with all the files, and the installer even set the EFI vars to boot "debian"

It still worked for what I wanted after I booted manually. Good thing I didn't use LVM...

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Welp, lesson learned then

I needed a Debian install that would boot live, so I did what I'd normally do: grab a laptop, boot Debian USB key, install to external drive. Simple, right?

And I'd have gotten away with it, too, had it not been for those meddling kids! Er, I mean... duplicate EFI system partition!

Since the installer picked the ESP from the host system, GRUB wrote the EFI files to that, leaving a blank ESP on my external drive.

@zalasur I'm the last one playing my particular realm, so I can pause it and go single-player

It's a very dark day

Backing up my Minecraft Java realm, downloading it, and then canceling my subscription.

yeah YouTube "influencers", keep showcasing stuff that you know is made of unobtainium

laughing at Chrome's "zero-day" input validation bug.

And then realizing I probably should stop because Firefox probably has some of these bugs too; I just don't know it.

@suetanvil oh that's another thing: Samsung's stupid software presents its own minefield.

I delete/disable a thing just to find that functionality in another app stops working. And of course, the "a new version of (thing) is available)" ... but only through Samsung's baloney storefront.

Samsung's awful tablets are the reason I got an iPad. I really wish there were a workable alternative.

I only ever had software/firmware issues when I used weird monitor routines that VTech didn't preserve. I just had to write a few more bytes of code to get my program to work. They did a great job of preserving all the routines that commercial software used.

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I would, apropos of nothing, like to give props to the various Apple II clone makers out there. There's the Pravetz (they made clones of the II series up through the IIe!), there's VTech, who made the IIc clone Apple couldn't kill (clean-room ROM and non-exclusive BASIC license that guaranteed almost complete compatibility with Apple II software), there are Brazilian manufacturers... I'm probably missing some others.

My very first computer that I owned was a LASER128 EX.

That I went ahead and just bought an iPhone rather than continue to deal with Android's shit should tell you something.

In a perfect(-enough) world, I'd be able to buy the phone that let's me delete all the pre-installed garbage from Samsung, lets me keep my connectivity, lets me install the apps I reasonably know are secure, and doesn't act like a line-rate log generator with a connection barely good enough for surveillance.

An iPhone will never be that device.

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being reminded on-timeline that even though this iPhone is superior in privacy to an Android phone (one I can't modify, anyway. It's a minefield that will result in a phone with no cellular connectivity if I do it wrong), it's still iPhone 12 Little Snitch Mini and I'm sure Apple can just remotely delete any app they don't like, though I haven't had that happen yet

@rysiek and also emulators. Those are real, genuine scourges (why won't Android think of the children)

(yes, this whole charade, and especially the arbitrary "review" process, is DISGUSTING. Fuck these guys.)

reading about how Internet Archive helps preserve education texts

much to the utter annoyance of the likes of McGraw-Hill and Houghton-Mifflin, I'm sure...

And oh... you who depend on the Archive for texts that were available from science journals, I'm sure you use this way out of necessity, too.

The Archive is increasingly becoming the long-term memory of the internet.

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If it weren't for the Internet Archive, I'd be missing a lot of old documentation I absolutely need which is out of print.

Retrocomputing has its labyrinths and pitfalls, but texts which are impossible to get in dead-tree form is no longer one of those things.

you know what

If Lennart Poettering cared so much about server boot times, he'd get a job at HPE and DELL and make it to where servers stop "calibrating power and thermals" on a WARM boot.

And for DELL servers, why does it have to re-collect lifecycle inventory *every* boot, no matter what? Do these things not keep any state?

Meanwhile, I and thousands of other sysadmins have to tolerate systemd's various levels of crap, just because.

There are some things that just need good front ends to be placed in front so your brain doesn't melt

ffmpeg is one of these things. If my only choice to transcode down to a "web-compatible" format was ffmpeg, I'd have just reshot.

Handbrake was the front end that not only worked, it's vastly improved over what I used several years ago.

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