What a shitty stupid corporate laptop looks like on a graph.

LOOK, Apple, you stupid bastards... I expect this bullshit on Google Play Store.

Me when I pack my backpack to go into the office.

Me when I have 150 tabs open in Firefox.

Man... who makes this shit up? "serving sizes" can be literally anything.

That was after I used the drawers and did my usual, stupid way of "storing" things.

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guess I'll just "wine explorer" from the terminal and run it there

I started this game 80 minutes ago and beat it with 5 minutes left in the year

Now can we end 2020 already

After the maintenance. It doesn't look like much improved, but I got all the dead cables out of there.

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Somewhat of a "before" shot of The Hot Shelter before cleaning up to replace UPS.

So this is what debit cards are going to start looking like now...

A whole book of cool stuff to read. It covers all the graphics and sound stuff I only marginally knew about back in the day. (I was big on disk access, though...)

What happens when I plug the iPad into my 2018 Mac mini.

Did anyone at Apple test this?

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Look Apple you wrote the book on how a tablet is supposed to look

This clipping bullshit is not a good look

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