(or, no I will not buy a new machine just so I can burn EPROMs and run other Windows-only software occasionally)

I don't even know where I got this Bulgarian money. Must have been when I went to Turkey for a TDY.

In the stack is some old Turkish and Iraqi money, and old German money. And this one American $5 from 1953, shortly before McCarthy fucked everything up.

Obviously someone in the US government has no fucking clue how the internet works. The internet doesn't keep hours of operation.

Listen, you... mono fonts aren't just "for developers"

upgraded this first-issue 2006 Core Solo Mac mini to a Core 2 Duo T7600. It has MacOS X Snow Leopard on it.

Another throwback to a time where user interfaces were actually good.

I spent all that time looking for my copy of Sonic CD.

I went to find some other thing today, and...

Isn't it also supposed to be "organic"? Everything else is labeled "organic" these days...

"You breathed out. Don't forget to breathe in again before you die."

Apple was at a sort of crossroads in 1986. Management wanted to force everyone to believe Steve Jobs when he said that "no one should need to know any technical stuff", while Engineering knew that was a damned lie and non-techies could safely ignore things like pinouts and slots if they just wanted to use their computer.

I also received Applied Engineering Z-80 Plus card which, unlike the Softcard, works in Apple IIs later than the II+ (if they have slots; though AE did make one for the IIc -- Z-RAM Ultra, I think)

I miss AE. They made some great hardware.

I was going to fix Copy II+ UTIL.SYSTEM convert bug, where it replaced 4k of your target file with the DOS catalog track.

Guess I don't need to anymore. This is far better. I'll just test this instead!

It calls out to my favorite ProSel utilities like Block Warden and Mr. Fixit.

sometimes I forget I made this the ATINIT file until I test a new version of ProDOS. ;o)

One of my favorite bugs in Sonic to test for. It works in more "ports" than you'd think. ;o)

Near the end, build up speed, then hold DOWN as you get to the end. It may take a few tries to get right. (It's the original US version with the spike bug.)

at 10:35pm, I wondered if I could just start a new game of Sonic and get 100% before the fireworks went off

with about 30 seconds to spare...

Got one of these UniDisk 3.5 drives in, and had to disassemble it to fix the eject.

This is the first time I've seen "LIRON" printed anywhere near this device. Even the "LIRON" expansion card for the IIe just says "ASCO" on there.

The controller in the drive has board space for a second device, which was supposed to be the "DuoDisk 3.5"

Just last week, I got 32GB DDR4-3200 RAM -- with RGB light show -- for $130

And this was the price for boring 4116 DIPs in 1980. You had to buy 3 banks of 8 to "max out" your Apple II or II+ at 48k and then spend another $500 for Pascal to get the Language card (or get a third-party card that works just as well for only $195!) so you could take it up to 64k

I might prefer the Logitech M570 as a pointing device. I used the Trackman Marble when it was wired.

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