Western Electric came out with the 500 subscriber set in 1949. Demand for it was so great that WE had to come out with the 5302. It looks like 500, but has the guts (and is compatible with the parts bin) of a 302.

I replaced the 6-type dial on mine with the earlier 5. I think it's a great result!

if Scotch tape is good enough for the phone company, it's good enough for Mazda3 wing mirror

uspol, trmp-adj 

Not only is text spamming disgusting, and not only is this particular message disgusting, but they're spamming it to people who have to pay money to receive this shit.

I'd hate to be on Ting and have this be the first text I received this month. You just paid $3 to be spammed. 🖕

Here's an extension test on Ubuntu MATE 18.04.

The file manager gets things mostly right, but notice the ISO file only gets properly recognized if its filename ends in ".iso". This is despite the fact that file(1) tells me it's "ISO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem data"

At least this looks like something that can be fixed in the file manager. I frankly expected worse.

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Zeroing out a load of hard drives.

Guess which disks are the WD Greens (the remaining one with I/O is a WD Blue)

A sample of the majority of full-sized Model B RasPi computers I have, including the first revision

Syno have this "blinkenlights" thing on DSM if you made a cache. I failed to catch it in the act (because of course), but it shows the hit rate in real-time.

Fixed ZDS keyboard with one of these Matias ALPS-compatible switches. I picked the red one since the rest of the keyboard was linear-feeling.

I did verify that my problem with Carvana's website being broken is Carvana's fault (or Cloudflare's fault)

The front page looks fine, but it's when you go to search that you fall into the abyss.

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oh the XT-IDE works; it just fails to see my WDAC1210 hard drive :o(

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I made a floppy cable for the 386 that was card-edge at the controller end

But as I suspected, that old (clone) controller doesn't support 1.44MB floppy.

I tried using XT-IDE board on the 386, and that also ended up as I suspected: drive not found


It's an error message I haven't seen since about 1994, which was the very last time I dealt with a BIOS like this!

I swear to dog the instant I can generalize these filters to "every stackexchange/stackoverflow site ever", the instant this list will get shorter

and oh Dell can eat a bowl of dicks btw, that popout is so fucking rude

So... I'd been having problems booting Apple II with INTBASIC on the mainboard (via ROMX)...

and my APPLESOFT file I used as the HELLO pokes a hole in DOS and loads a hex dumper there, but if I'm using INTBASIC, it crashes.

Here's why!

My hole poker rebuilds DOS buffers, and if I use FP, it's fine, but if I use INTBASIC... BANG!

(INTBASIC program is high in RAM, up against HIMEM, so moving it while it's running is Not Cool. DOS moves start of program and HIMEM,)

that "Fraudulent Call" caller dropped Social Security ID scam into voicemail

Sometimes Caller ID tells the truth!

ahahahaha I had enough Nintendo points to buy Fire Emblem without refilling the wallet

Ruffle is pretty awesome. It's flash emulator written in rust

Now the questions of "how will homestarrunner.com ever work again" and "how do we preserve pretty much all of Newgrounds" can be answered


So this gem from Odysee, the video sharing platform formerly known as "LBRY", popped into my email

I've basically written off "blockchain" as something that's hyped to separate a fool from his money, but I get what SEC are trying to do

Not that SEC's execution is competent...

And the idea that this complaint will be bad for crypto is dangerously conflating the "bitcoin" kind with the kind that secures your web browser session to your bank

is there anyone in the world that can make decent MRTG graphs? Or is this some black art that I'll never understand?

I'm unhappy with the default output of cfgmaker, but I don't know a single thing about how to improve it
(making that top-left graph be a scale of 0-100Mbps would be a start)

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