how a shingled WD Red is benchmarking

The dips in read speed seem to indicate the disk-managed shingle management kicking in

Although 128MB/sec isn't stellar for write speed, it's way faster than the 40MB/sec I'm allegedly supposed to be topping out at with these drives.

(it's a single disk in a USB 3.0 external SATA hookup)


And oh... the resolution is ass when you need it most. I got tricked into buying FAKE painting, so I set up fake art gallery on another god-forsaken rock

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Filbert is on my island and now my island is complete!

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I really should have (re)discovered MD when I could start affording it (i.e., by about 1998).

In 1992 when I first saw it, it was way out of my budget.

I only got this Aiwa AM-F80 a few years ago, and that's cause a working Sony got expensive again.

It kept being rejected by money sorter.

It predating WWII could be why.

while waiting in purgatory to cancel this morning, some voicemails came in.

Here's the weird one. The other was from "United Healthcare" coverage I don't even have will you please get your shit together "Jane" doesn't live here you muppet

>" ".join()


>dir(" ")


The box from my first pack of ethernet cards, storing what remains of my cassette tapes

Yes, I "labeled" the tapes as "SONGS" and "STUFF"

I don't think it's unreasonable for Firefox to tell the truth here, which is "If you click "Restart Firefox", we 1) won't restart Firefox because you're not using Windows; 2) won't restore a god-damned thing because you refuse to let us remember your browsing history and always use private browsing."

uspol, voting. 

When even the election office in a stubbornly conservative county sends out pre-filled applications for mail-in ballots, you know shit is real


>have the game kick Sprocket to make room for Chrissy, cause that's not totally passive-aggressive


Also: I absolutely love how Francine has Chrissy's pic in her house.


Island map I enhanced, which is now out of date. I have to wait until tomorrow to update it.

After one fail in surround sound in the living room, I replaced all that junk with a sound bar, and suddenly had some speakers and a sub available.

I also had a head unit from my old car, so I combined it all to make office tunes

Fortunately, it sounds way better than it looks.

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