So... I'd been having problems booting Apple II with INTBASIC on the mainboard (via ROMX)...

and my APPLESOFT file I used as the HELLO pokes a hole in DOS and loads a hex dumper there, but if I'm using INTBASIC, it crashes.

Here's why!

My hole poker rebuilds DOS buffers, and if I use FP, it's fine, but if I use INTBASIC... BANG!

(INTBASIC program is high in RAM, up against HIMEM, so moving it while it's running is Not Cool. DOS moves start of program and HIMEM,)

that "Fraudulent Call" caller dropped Social Security ID scam into voicemail

Sometimes Caller ID tells the truth!

ahahahaha I had enough Nintendo points to buy Fire Emblem without refilling the wallet

Ruffle is pretty awesome. It's flash emulator written in rust

Now the questions of "how will ever work again" and "how do we preserve pretty much all of Newgrounds" can be answered

So this gem from Odysee, the video sharing platform formerly known as "LBRY", popped into my email

I've basically written off "blockchain" as something that's hyped to separate a fool from his money, but I get what SEC are trying to do

Not that SEC's execution is competent...

And the idea that this complaint will be bad for crypto is dangerously conflating the "bitcoin" kind with the kind that secures your web browser session to your bank

is there anyone in the world that can make decent MRTG graphs? Or is this some black art that I'll never understand?

I'm unhappy with the default output of cfgmaker, but I don't know a single thing about how to improve it
(making that top-left graph be a scale of 0-100Mbps would be a start)

Anyone remember these mutant things? Apple AirPort Express.

When you really want that Lightning->USB-C cable without having to buy another thing even though you've bought too many things.

When your ISP tells you one thing and speedtest tells you basically the same thing

(100Mbps symmetric fiber!)

liar liar pants on fire

unlike Donald Trump, you're not getting awaywith it.



Just because NO ONE in USA can be bothered to tell new drivers about the way multi-lane roundabouts work in the rest of the world... (I had to look that up online today, and that convention center and the roundabout has been there since like 2003)


Cisco please for the benefit of EVERYONE ELSE, stop pretending you know how to write software anymore. Leave this to ... well, any old bedroom coder, frankly

ACS is but one example

There's this demo of PDP-11 BASIC on paper tape, and I typed it in from a YouTube video.

I made a few updates (it knows about all the funny rules for retirement; I made it take ISO-8601 date), and also took advantage of multiple statements per line.

if low-level formatting was a thing today, this busy screen would rule them all.

lol I'd completely forgotten I had this tablet

SPH-P500 from years ago. Looks like Samsung were trying to be like Apple with that bullshit dock connector

Probably running ancient Samsung "Android"


here... you see this, Nestl矇? This is the only decent pizza you sell, and yet you either hide it, or it's renamed (it used to be "Pizzeria!" forever) so I can't find it.

You have like 8 billion other crusts, all of which are balls: stuffed, croissant, thin, rising (warning: if you don't cook this one long enough, it'll taste extra shitty), about 4 others I'm missing...

Screw you guys

(oops, left off the cw)

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