you know it wouldn't kill MICROS~1 to report accurate errors when they suddenly delete from Game Pass the game you have that was part of Game Pass

"This game is no longer part of Game Pass" (which actually happened) instead of "Sign in or renew the subscription" (which is goose-chase bullshit)

And oh... Sony's got the superior system here: at least with PSN Plus, any game you claim as part of that, you keep for the life of your PSN Plus subscription.

Also there are games that are part of Game Pass that MS doesn't list as part of Game Pass.

How long has this hack of a company been making software?

I bought Rare Replay Collection, yet none of the games I didn't already have installed got installed!

I have to MANUALLY install them.



at least my Game Pass Banjo-Kazooie save worked in Rare Replay Banjo-Kazooie

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