One particular thing that I hate about macOS isn't even inherent to macOS itself. It's a thing that's arbitrarily enforced by application software.

This thing? Applications being made to care about "file extensions".

Yes, I want to save my ripped CD to "MyGreatRippedCD.iso"; shut up. If I want to call a PDF "YoureAGoober", let me do so (though thanks to interop, I'd probably name it "YoureAGoober.pdf")


Classic macOS really had something with their "file type/file creator" for every file on the system. MacOS X should have used something like file(1) under the hood to give us a similar experience without arbitrary applications demanding we use some file extension that came from the DOS/Windows world.

This problem could have been reasonably solved. Instead, we got file extension ware. :o(

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Here's an extension test on Ubuntu MATE 18.04.

The file manager gets things mostly right, but notice the ISO file only gets properly recognized if its filename ends in ".iso". This is despite the fact that file(1) tells me it's "ISO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem data"

At least this looks like something that can be fixed in the file manager. I frankly expected worse.

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