I do not miss traveling

Commercial airline industry has poisoned the well. DHS/TSA have poisoned the well some more.

Commercial air travel was great in the 1980s, but that time is long over. I guess it was by happenstance, since airline deregulation happened in the 1970s and there's the usual lag before the shitty results present themselves

There was never a grace period for DHS/TSA; they immediately made bad shit WORSE.

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@yakkoj me in 2002: "ugh i can't wait until they calm down and this bullshit is over" / me in 2019 when it's somehow even worse: "gee i wonder why airlines are dying"

@robey yeah, the whole "your airfare is $9 plus $600 in fees plus a $50 fee for your carry-on" thing has really turned me off, too

@yakkoj not to go too deep on this, but i feel like this is a constant problem in late capitalism .... once something becomes a commodity (power lines, flights) there's no way to distinguish "competitors" since they sell exactly the same product, so they resort to price trickery

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