The main thing stopping me even trying "btrfs" (I refuse to talk about butter; that's King of Town's department and he'd probably try to EAT btrfs if he knew people called it "butter" ;o) is "Oracle"

Yes, I know it's probably stupid, but that company has such a taint to it that this is what happens.

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@yakkoj Isn't ZFS supposed to be more stable, feature rich and faster?

@gudenau @yakkoj I use ZFS with native encryption for all my file storage on my Alpine based NAS (and my Gentoo NAS before it). It’s a good filesystem. Snapshots make backups really easy. I haven’t tried doing ZFS+root with encryption yet, but it’s next up on the list

@djsumdog @yakkoj As soon as I can afford to replace my 10TB HDD with a bunch of SSDs I will be switching over myself.

@djsumdog @gudenau just getting ZFS encryption going is next on my list. I've been using ZFS on Linux for years and it has been good even when I've been stupid

@yakkoj @djsumdog What I really want from it is de-duplication and snapshots. Just the other day I accidentally deleted some project files that took me hours to figure out because the documentation for the API is severely lacking.

@parusmajor @gudenau @yakkoj I was using zfs+LUKS too. Linux support for ZFS encryption was very recent (zfs-0.8.6 I think). I only moved things over ~ a year ago I think.

@parusmajor @gudenau @yakkoj I made a video of the NAS I built. last year. I had some stability issues using Alpine as a desktop OS (running KDE/Plasma), but it runs great as a file server.

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