Some boldly state that "the iPhone revolutionized the communications industry."

It really depends on what we define as "communications industry" here. If all you care about is end-user devices that seem to expire in a year, perhaps Apple's work is done. If you care about your mobile carrier not being a money-grubbing shit, Apple have not only done nothing, but have given the carrier tools to nickel-and-dime you while improving very little.

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"4G" was an actual, quantifiable improvement over "3G". It required massive carrier investment, and data connections were upgraded to at least be barely good enough for surveillance.

The paint has barely dried on 4G networks, and now we're expected to rip and replace stuff that was NEW 5 years ago. Vendors' artificially short hardware life cycles don't help. Meanwhile, carriers allow their Marketing departments to run amok with abandon.

@yakkoj Go on alibaba/aliexpress to get a better idea of what smartphones actually cost.

5G is also a scam. My fam just got new phones on Christmas through Verizon.

Previously on my moto's with 4G it was perfectly cool to create a mobile hotspot and I did since it was faster than my local wifi.

Now to use that feature of Android on my new Samsung Verizon expects me to pay $120/yr extra.

And don't even get me started on trying to flash anything that's not some variation of Corporate spyware on the thing.

@yakkoj 4g is still viable hardware wise. It's not really a short hardware cycle. Its just the race for faster. Most people dont even utilize 4g speed much less 5g but people are stuck on what is faster

@twfljeb that's Sales and Marketing in action. The end users never see anything beyond their device and the all-important numbers Ookla Speedtest show them.

I personally think "5G" is a good idea, but it doesn't need to be "we need it yesterday" in terms of implementation.

@yakkoj Also, my 2-year-old Note9 is working perfectly still, but to upgrade to the latest and greatest means upgrading to amore expensive 5G plan. I'm waiting until VZW lowers plan prices, tyvm.

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