Currently amused at the irate people on Birdsite accusing PC component retailers of “price gouging” when they raise the prices on their RTX 3080 when it flies off the shelves. At what point did a high end graphics card become a necessity? Nobody is forcing you to buy it - and you don’t need it to live. If the price is too high, don’t buy it.

@naxxfish meanwhile, there are those of us who still use GT9xx graphics for playing games.

I'm so glad I never bothered to board that upgrade train, using "older" video cards that were priced like computer parts and not like actual computers.

@yakkoj right! Upgrades are nice and all, but nobody is entitled to them! Just because you can’t play $tripleATitle in 4K with super ultra setting on launch day won’t ruin your life ...


@naxxfish and their kvetching is for naught anyway, cause the game they want to play is a horribly incomplete, broken thing, and they'll be spending the week downloading the 25GB "patch" anyway

So yes, they could stand to wait a bit. ;o)

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