I keep all my Li-ion batteries in an ammo can

It's the only way to be sure my house doesn't burn down

Also ammo cans are good at keeping moisture out, so I store other stuff in them too

oh if you have a lot of rechargeable batteries and want to make them last, get a GOOD battery charger. None of this bullshit that cooks the battery in a vain effort to shove as many angry pixies into it in the shortest time.

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Examples of what I've found to be a "good" charger:

La Crosse BC-1000/BC-700 (the diff is that the 1000 tops out at 1A charging; the 700 is 700mA max)

Nitecore Digicharger D2/D4 (these charge Li cells as well; the diff is in the number of cells it can take)

oh also... these chargers default to a reasonable charge rate: the La Crosse ones default to 200mA and the Nitecore defaults to 500mA

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