I think work's Anyconnect should let me stay logged in all week, and if I log in on the weekend, they can expire it after 36 hours like they currently do

But with tens of thousands of people trying to connect, I can sort of see why they force us all to "win" the disconnect-everything lottery every 36 hours

let's just say "thank goodness for screen and tmux"

at least all I have to do is restart PuTTY to get back to actual work.

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@yakkoj we had to fight for 12 hours session expiry. Plus they turned on SSL packet inspection and forced us to route all our traffic. even WebEx. The meetings are a joke now. My boss tells everyone to turn on video and then everyone's browser freezes up when on VPN.

@charims Citrix Workspace connections expire in 18 hours, so this is somewhat of an improvement, but that leaves me logged in unless IT reboots the VM on me (which is "at random")

Good lord, I have enough trouble with Skype and Webex even without prophylactics. I should consider myself lucky my employer trusts me.

I tend to never send video unless it's a special meeting. Things work much better that way.

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