1939: software doesn't exist
1949: software is limited
1959: software improves because faulty software costs a LOT of money
1979: software might start costing less, even faulty software
1989: we still care about optimized software, but say yer prayers, varmint.
1999: results of "it compiles; SHIP IT"
2009-: "stop being a cheap-ass; just buy more RAM, a faster CPU, a larger hard drive, a GPU from this century, and run software how developers TELL you to run it, you pleb."

also "WORKS ON MY MACHINE" snuck into there in the mid-2000s

The subjective "worseness" of software today makes me appreciate limited-by-comparison software of the past.

A: "It works on my machine"
B: "Well then let's ship your machine"

- how docker was invented

@yakkoj I'm using Arch.

Almost nothing I run is a "supported" config.

@gudenau @yakkoj

With Arch you're fine, the AUR covers most things for you. Though it is not the same if you start changing components, libraries, compilers.

@danyspin97 @yakkoj Most games they support Linux say stuff like Ubuntu or Debian from what I've seen.

@gudenau @yakkoj

If you use Steam, they will all work. Otherwise there is Lutris. But gaming on Arch is imho even better than gaming on Ubuntu.

@b0undarybreaker that seems to be more accurate than anyone would like, so it drives my long-standing policy of "no I don't want your stinkin' app" for every website

(related: I very much doubt that reddit is better on the app! :oP )


2019: It doesn't run and we can't do anything about it!

@danyspin97 Apple 2019: it doesn't run because we arbitrarily dropped 32-bit support

1843: computers don't exist
ada lovelace: writes software anyway

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