the answer to the question "why can't my $DEVICE do $TASK?" is almost always:

"because the assholes you purchased it from spent millions and millions of dollars to make sure you can't make your $DEVICE do $TASK"

@twitter this goes as far back as history.

Apple, in 1979, made sure their upcoming Apple III would not be able to have any of their goodies available from Apple II emulation mode. No lower-case, no 80 columns, no extra RAM beyond 48k...

Apple made Wendell Sander's team include extra logic JUST to lock this stuff out.

It took another company to ship proper hardware to let the Apple III have some SOFTWARE to run as a result. Very little native software shipped.

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@yakkoj ...before they figured out they could just lower the clock speed on 'obsolete' hardware...

@twitter this is sad. I'm sure when iOS 13 drops, my (still very useful as an iDevice) iPhone 6S+ will become "deprecated" in some bizarre yet typical fashion.

And I'd gone back to Android in 2017 for other reasons (mostly cause iOS was too much like me voluntarily wearing a straitjacket) ...

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