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Me when I pack my backpack to go into the office.

Me when I have 150 tabs open in Firefox.

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Finally found out how to vanquish the insidious systemd-resolved gremlins in recent Ubuntu-based distros

There's this file "/usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/10-dns-resolved.conf" that you have to shadow with a file of the same name in /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d

So then, in this new file, say you want to use resolvconf again. This is the configuration:


(dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf and then reboot. resolv.conf should be correct again!)

Instagram isn't "forcing" me to do anything

Like my phone "forces" me to answer it

>Break free of proprietary limitations.




also, I think EV adoption is being hurt in some regions because OEMs are trying to treat them differently to "real" cars. Maybe dealership networks are also trying to treat EVs differently, as well.

One thing's for certain: at least in USA, dealerships have suddenly FORGOTTEN HOW TO SELL A CAR just because you don't go to a gas station for fuel. So dealers don't buy them.

(actually, dealers can't sell a lot of service for EVs, so that's the more likely reason they don't buy them.)

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side tangent re: Oculus: not helping that thing, beyond Facebook and having something on your head, is its hefty hardware requirements (last time I checked, which was when Oculus wasn't owned by Facebook)

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I'd much rather drive an "ugly" EV that has proper instruments in front of the driver, has actual buttons for climate control in the center stack, and has something approaching a standard shift lever (though this last one isn't a hard requirement, unlike the other two).

I certainly don't want to buy a cult of personality with a giant iPad in the center.

Yes, that's right... "It has Elon Musk's taint all over it" is a reason to not buy a thing! Much like Facebook and Oculus...

Man it's been like 20 years since I've had to refer to a hard drive as "/dev/hda"

It really burns me up that I can't just write a simple app, like I can write a simple BASIC (or even machine language) program on pretty much any 8-bit computer from teh 1980s

It's like the barrier to entry for anything beyond pressing "OK" has gotten too high

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Of course, Johnny Come Lately discovers that he wrote this about an hour AFTER all the upgrades were done. ;o)

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periodic reminder that both iOS and WebOS apps were originally supposed to be written in HTML and Javascript

It rightfully lasted about 5 minutes. Brickbats to Palm for failing to learn from Apple.

Google obviously wanted a high barrier to entry for Android, so made knowing Java a requirement from the start.

Installed gifcurry snap. It claimed that "ffmpeg doesn't have all the decoders"

Uninstalled that and ran the appimage. "gtksink not available"

>apt install --reinstall gstreamer1.0-gtk3

Now it worked

STILL easier than futzing with ffmpeg to make a GIF from a video.

Speaking of Princess (aka "702")...

Bell had a field trial of it, and reports came back stating the set was too light to dial without both hands.

Bell shipped it without fixing the problem.

They had to retrofit these 702s with lead weights to make them work right ;o)

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A phone on your desk in 1921 also meant a bell box under your desk.

Bell System phones didn't have internal bells until 1937, when the 302 and 354 came out. (Not counting that weird wall phone that was obviously a bell box with a bulldog transmitter, a hook, and a receiver pasted on)

The Princess phone came out in 1959, and that marked the first time a bell box was needed on a subscriber set because the M and P ringers hadn't yet been invented. The E1 baseboard ringer was used.

I have a DOM sitting in front of me that I'm wondering how to connect to my Linux machine

I need pokey bit to pokey bit adapter so I can connect it to another adapter, so I can plug it into a USB port

Of the few things that were genuinely worthy of being learnt in school, I think "learn (the basics of) a foreign language" has to be at the top.

Even now, completely foreign languages can at least be partially understood by my basic application of things I learned from Spanish class in 1984

Yet we Americans still think we can get by with just English (and a poor comprehension of our own language at that).


Front page of Kansas City Star.

>Area School Teachers Resign Over COVID-19 Concerns

And with good reason. Administrators aren't feeling any pain when they demand their faculty be exposed daily to COVID-19.

Those schools should not be open, nor should they have been reopened.


I suspect ${LC_TIME} was always honored, and Debian changed the en_US.UTF8 locale

Kind of like my trials and tribulations with ls and ${LC_COLLATE} (in that case, the "C" locale does what I expect: put dot-files first)

Not sure which LC_* var to tweak to get man(1) hyphenation to behave, so... alias man="LANG=C man"

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Better solution!


in your .profile (or in /etc/environment if you want it system-wide)

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Is this thing still on?

Well I know my status won't get backed up, but here we go! Latest Debian 10 (and derivatives) annoyance: date(1)! Yes, the thing that gives you the date and time. Here's how it's always worked:

$ date
Sun Jan 24 09:14:28 CST 2021

Now, ${LANG} matters, and if you're "en_US.UTF8" like I am...

$ date
Sun 24 Jan 2021 08:15:51 AM MST
$ echo $LANG
$ LANG=C date
Sun Jan 24 08:16:24 MST 2021

Guess I just use another alias, like for man(1) ...

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