Even after I stopped all of X, large chunks of my (dead) X session remained ostensibly running.

I get the impression that Finnish is what happens when a language commits abuse of umlaut ;o)

luckily for me, there aren't any zpools on here yet.

But it does work.

Now off to get some food!

And oh... I love my yubikey. That I can use it to unlock the disk on my computer is awesome.

it got lucky this time. The APT removal worked and it did fix that house of cards. Let's reboot and see if my original goal (update to the HWE machinery for Ubuntu 18.04) worked.

also, really sick of having to guess which levers to set in which way so that all the error reporting machinery is disabled. YES I KNOW IT CRASHES, YOU BASTARD

and "apt remove zfs-dkms" does the same bullshit

I'm going to start overwriting the configure scripts with "exit 0" if this fails

having major problems with zfs-dkms on a Ubuntu system that doesn't even need it (zfs ships by default). Some ghost demon of Linus fights with SPL build process and locks it up.

I'm about to put an axe through this computer

oh wow, ChromeOS's "Linux" feature lets me type Ctrl-W without closing it!

OTOH, Play Store support requires me to send them "usage and diagnostic data" without a way to opt out. Or at least that's what it looks like to me...

"The man who builds a factory builds a temple, and the man who works there worships there."

Calvin Coolidge didn't just say this to have a notable quotable. He knew that working people would be coerced by the threat of poverty to worship, as he so quaintly put it, their employer overlords.

100 years later, nothing in this space has changed.

The ChromeBook has some good potential, especially for things like Citrix Receiver, but what (almost literally) kills it is the Receiver app closing and punting me back to ChromeOS if I hit Ctrl-W and expect that key to go to PuTTY.

I guess I'm pining for keybindings that I can disable or remap within ChromeOS

dusting off my Chromebook to see if the state of Linux there has improved

Last time I did this, X wouldn't even start after ChromeOS update (was using crouton).


Something changed between BIND9 whatever-came-with-Ubuntu-trusty and 9.11.x that made my working config stop working. So now instead of migrating these servers to containers like I should be doing, I have to forklift the VMs wholesale and keep running trusty.


Rrrrgh... just wasted half an hour with this evil Toshiba laptop with the slowest mechanical hard drive

It took Windows 7 15 minutes to get to where I could do anything. And then it sat there thrashing the disk madly, like a politician trying madly to "do something" in the wake of the latest set of mass shootings, so working with it took way longer than it needed to

Pretty sure my ST-225 is about as fast as this hard drive,

Amazon's Stupid Shipping Gang strikes again.

I ordered 6 things. Amazon chose to split this amongst 4 packages. They shipped a single flux pen in a big box.

Food Fight used to be the best 7800 game. A challenger has appeared!

at least with C, the barrier is mostly "I can't stop generating programs that segfault cause I'm playing with pointers this time"

In other words, it's a barrier I could get past if "C programmer" suddenly became my job. ;o)

it's bad enough when a programming language has inherent barriers to entry, but "you have to be using a Mac" is an artificial one

quasi-related: it's 2019 and people still think they're making a point when they say that Minecraft "looks like shit"


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