Wow... the "B-?" and "B-*" easter eggs in the 1581 floppy drive require you to use the SLOW way of reading the error channel to get the text.

If you're in C128 mode and go "PRINT DS$", you lose: it goes "00, OK,00,00". If you use INPUT# to read it, you get the first text fine, but the second one doesn't work because the error number isn't numeric anymore and INPUT# loses, so you get " 7 ,, 0 , 0". So you have to use GET# in a loop, which is slower than 300 baud modem

there are network professionals out there who still believe that blocking all ICMP is a "best practice."

They're the reason path MTU discovery is busted, and may be a reason why IPv6 doesn't always work.

And thank goodness we don't have dependencies on Java in these parts

And oh... it should go without saying, but Oracle can go get stuffed.

I'm so glad I was able to stop buying their shit and just use Linux. That was 9 years ago when Oracle closed Solaris again.

Periodic reminder that Paypal are bad and they should feel bad because their only second factor in their 2FA is SMS

NO, I will NOT replace either my money or my keys with this phone. As long as the internet exists as a dependency of it all working, I won't budge on this. It's not always-on no matter what the various grifters and hucksters want you to believe. (And oh, it now COSTING YOU MONEY to access your money or unlock your car is an additional insult.)

bmon was apparently developed by the world's only user of the world's tallest screen, and/or they've never heard about scrolling (or else it was too hard to do in ncurses, in which case, I don't blame them for "increase screen height")

My first attempt at running what I call a "simple" 6502 program on the C128 has proven to be a reset-filled fail

The fail obviously has to do with bank switching. I knew I was in trouble when I suddenly found that in C128 mode, RAM in bank 0 below $1C00 was reserved. (I found out AFTER assembling my program into $1000 with the monitor.) Next, the $FFD2 in bank 0 will lead to a reset because it's not valid code.

And my DuckDuck-Fu is failing to find how to properly bank-switch.


I very much dislike how Bank of America Bill Pay tries its hardest to get me to pay the minimum amount, and have it delivered by the very LAST day possible. Since they deserve my cynicism, of course I think they're trying to get late fees to happen to me.

there's no such thing as an "unexpected" error in properly written software. It's like "not expecting" 2 to be less than 3.

If the "error" isn't worth explaining to the end user, why is your software reporting it?

The shell script only works because I can't hear 22000Hz at any amplitude

Resigned to my fate, I ordered a pair of passive bookshelf speakers and a small amp (that only has the ins/outs that I need! Usually it's either never enough, or WAAAAY too many).

It apparently gets here Monday. Meanwhile, I have a shell script running to keep these stupid speakers turned ON because Creative decided a stationary, AC-powered speaker connected to stationary, AC-powered computer should have an auto-off that can't be disabled.

It's been 10 years since Minecraft became a thing, and I have little hope that any competent code to deal with NBT is floating around which also doesn't require Windows.

Last time I touched NBT was in 2013 and I had to roll my own, and it predictably sucks.

And oh... the hex value of the flags (in little-endian) divided by 20 is the length of your fish.

Ahahaha I worked out how to make my fish bigger in ACNL

BIG FAT WARNING: Use ACNL Editor and tweak the flags instead of directly hex-editing it. The data will be "corrupt" if you don't fix the checksum.

(hex-editing my saves has been a favorite pastime of mine since the Apple II days when I hacked my Might & Magic save ;o)

my Dell Inspiron apparently doesn't appreciate having its identity concealed by HAL 9000

despite this lossage, I've managed to generate bogus netplan files "only" twice. So far.

Whoever made the YAML mode for vim indent 8 spaces instead of 2 needs to be shot.

Or is it me? Can I "set" something to make it do 2 spaces on YAML files? Having to backspace 6 every indent is driving me nuts and hurting my wrists.

yeah guess what happened here?

Micro Center STOPPED CARRYING ANYTHING DECENT in terms of computer speakers, so now I have to order them in from Amazon.

I really should just get some passive speakers and a separate amp so that when the amp packs up, I can just replace that part.

I can say some bad things about IOS-XR, but one thing that's awesome is this:

To edit some RPL (say, a prefix-set), I do:

edit prefix-set myfaultyset vim

and I get to edit the existing RPL in vi! A bit of a downside is that the RPL is then committed without an opportunity to leave a comment, but it beats having to manually copy in a lengthy bit of RPL.

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