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mostly for my own reference, and of benefit to anyone who dares to use an exotic device with an old computer:

LS-120 drive geometry: 963 cyl, 16 heads, 32 sectors. Write precomp=OFF. 120.3MB.

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Me when I pack my backpack to go into the office.

Me when I have 150 tabs open in Firefox.

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Finally found out how to vanquish the insidious systemd-resolved gremlins in recent Ubuntu-based distros

There's this file "/usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/10-dns-resolved.conf" that you have to shadow with a file of the same name in /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d

So then, in this new file, say you want to use resolvconf again. This is the configuration:


(dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf and then reboot. resolv.conf should be correct again!)

Ah yes, Land Rover: purveyors of one of the most expensive intermittent lights

really... when you see a new one that has Flickering Tail Light Syndrome, you have to step back and ask basic questions like "Is that Ravemaster tail light what $1000 of plastic looks like?"

>Ubuntu uses a Firefox snap.

Wow... I was done with forced snaps when "apt install chromium-browser" did the wrong thing and installed a snap instead.

I'm still trying to find out what went rotten in Firefox for Linux that "about:restartRequired" fails to properly save my session. It used to save everything; now I have to sign into everything again. It may as well just force me to shut and save nothing.

I remember in the beginning when I would run systems for a year or more with no reboot. I was at the nadir of Uptime Obsession when I moved across town and left the system connected to a running UPS, and actually moved it that way.

Whoever decided that decades of experience via "ifconfig" should be thrown out and replaced with "ip" commands that to my dismay have bizarre man pages (hey! It could get worse... they could be *info* pages!) is evil

They've also never been a sysadmin for any length of time.

All this because net-tools was "not maintained" that one time.

I insist on having net-tools on any system I touch because when things break, this is what I know best, and it gets the fastest resolution to an issue.

And the "abuse" runs the gamut: they can track every click, every scroll, read anything placed into any form (I'll just assume they also read any unsubmitted forms too).

Said forms include "password" fields and bank information, though why you'd use that internal browser as a general web browser is beyond me.

Just because they can do it very likely means they're doing it. No benefit of doubt required.

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>Facebook and Facebook (bka "Instagram") abuse in-app web browser, because of course they do.

I'm very lucky to never need to use Facebook's trash on mobile. As for any response (e.g., removing in-app web browser access), I say it's high time it's done because of FaceMeta's (and others') abuse of the systems.

I got a well-worn red Western Electric 2554 wall phone from ebay

and I had to put a polarity guard in so the dial would work

Glad I have the phone tester that lets me reverse polarity. If I reverse and the dial starts working, polarity guard! (It's just a full-wave bridge that makes sure the dial is positive.) If I still can't dial, the dial's bad.

This cool orange Trimline I also got has that circuit built-in.

I'm looking at SiriusXM subscription renewal and I'm paying a $33/yr (per radio) royalty fee.

I'll bet 3, maybe 4 cents gets to the artists when all's said and done. >:o(

oh for those playing along at home Firepower is Cisco's "new solution" for the ASA they're phasing out

Trouble is, Cisco kicked that thing out the door half-baked.

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you know what

I just spent the past two months (or more!) going back and forth with a vendor over whether the VPN tunnel was broken, and enduring suggestions that I was the reason it was broken

Until last week when I and the vendor's guy running the VPN tunnel decided that involving Cisco would be a better idea. After a waffle around, they decide that Vendor's Firepower needs software update. (I'm using ASA.)

This week vendor updates, and all the problems vanish.

"funny" ho-ho

if Scotch tape is good enough for the phone company, it's good enough for Mazda3 wing mirror

🐦 link, inkjet printers. 


You spend $400 on EcoTank just to be told by EPSON that your serviceable life of this otherwise excellent product is... one year.

They add insult to injury by explaining that if the ink pad were user-serviceable (which, on a $400 printer, SHOULD BE), that it would "result in more costly printers."

There's a reason some of us just make it someone else's problem if we need to do an inkjet thing (e.g., print photos)...

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🐦 link, inkjet printers. 

I had a very bad history with inkjets, mostly because of HP.

First up was a 722c in 1999, which was "Windows only". Of course, I was motivated to get it printing in Linux (and it did work).

Then there was a 932c. Guess I didn't learn my lesson from before. While it worked anywhere, ink carts cost $86 for a set in 2002.

Then the last one was the CX2400, 2004.

I should have just ebayed a LaserJet III. Best damned printer ever!

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🐦 link, inkjet printers. 

I bought Brother color laser printer for less than $300 in 2018. Very good machine. Sure, it has the usual bullshit consumables issues (because printer companies), but I could go months without printing and it'll all work when I need to print.

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🐦 link, inkjet printers. 

My very last inkjet I ever bought was an EPSON CX2400(?) in 2004. It spent more time wasting ink "cleaning" the nozzles than printing pages.

I got a HP LJ3200 laser printer for free in 2005. It had a busted front panel. I repaired the panel and used that printer for 7 more years.

I'll never buy another inkjet as long as I live, and the below link is a reason why.

They better NOT be page-counting on EcoTank. The good ones are $400!

"Admitting you're burnt out" feeling like having to admit some failure sure seems to me like that's exactly what your employer wants you to think. They want you to think that getting burnt out is *your* fault, and burning out is a failure mode that you'd better hide or you will suffer professionally.

It's not your fault. Burning out isn't a failure at all; it's what happens when you have constant external negative motivation. The system's failures are not yours; no need to "own" them.

(not) funny how employers are keen on forcing their rank-and-file to forget that there's still a pandemic, and using optics manipulation to get them back into the office so those employers can pretend to "go back to normal"

Re: Twitter. I guess Twitter Daddy Emerald Mine is still trying to distort reality so badly that Steve Jobs is rolling in his grave and calling bullshit

Really... at minimum, E.M.'s grandstanding needs to cost him the $1B he's obviously on the hook for.

I thought my fax got lost in Topeka

Finally, after 6 weeks, I got the final piece of paper that will let me give my busted car away!

>Ratchet & Clank Rift Apart: 1 year later video.

For the likes of me, all I need to know is that it's a game that was made for a system that isn't even shipping yet.

All of Sony's developers should band together and give Sony the biggest atomic wedgie in history.

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