There. out of its misery.

I see Oracle had to shoot one last middle finger. :oP

thank dog these proprietary DNS manager emperors wore ISC clothes

To get working DNS, I just converted the master conf into a slave one, then stood up a VM with the old server's IP, and pressed another working-once-upon-a-time server into service

In fact, the now-old Oracle-branded 1U servers we got in 2010 were the very last thing I bought from Oracle (and that was because I was forced to do it).

Linux is definitely not without its issues, but overall, it'd much better to deal with. I say this with my business hat on.

Never buy anything from Oracle if you have the choice.

If I could "patch" this Solaris 10 box by migrating it to a Linux VM, I'd do it. That's how it's getting done with the other Solaris(8) box I had to touch...

Remember SunSolve? Remember when you could just download the latest recommended, without a fucking contract? I do.

HA, it worked!

The copied filesystem fsck's clean, too. \m/

at least the SCSI driver isn't harfing up errors... yet...

In case any sysadmin should forget how slow hardware from 2002 was, there's that one box that runs DHCP server, and the disk crapped out, so you're stuck sitting through a 36GB dd to an equally-old replacement

You feel yourself getting older as you're certain this is the slowest 36GB transfer ever.

I wonder if industrial power systems also come as snaps now

I really wish the stupid PS4 controller would stop forgetting its pairing with the console it came with 5 years ago. CUT IT OUT.

The stupid thing is that it's impossible to pair it again unless you remember to start the PS4 with the controller wired up.

>YouTube video title: FLIGHT SIMULATOR 2018 Near Miss...
>YouTube video comment: Dude which game is this

you can't cure stupid

I remember abusing a black&white TV as a child just so I could see a tiny bright dot in the center of the screen

I probably shouldn't have done that, in hindsight. :o(

Man, this hackintosh is way faster than any official hardware I have. It may be faster than CURRENT hardware, for all I know...

(i5-4600K, I think)

speaking of Helter Stupid (religion) Show more

Google: the corporate equivalent to the woman in "Helter Stupid" repeatedly saying "We don't have enough data"

TIL some folks consider a solution to the 32-bit signed time_t issue to be "make time_t unsigned"

They're obviously not writing any time handling code, as pretty much anyone who actually has done so says "time_t MUST be signed due to the way piles of software handle signed comparison"

Also, I just learned that it's possible (in perl, of course, using Date::Parse) to do date/time ARITHMETIC and get the result back as a DATE!

Whatever pays for my city yard waste collection, I want to keep paying it.

I'm getting free bulk collection at the curb for tree damage, without having to do anything except haul my branches out to the curb.

>the latest TVs at this year's CES have true black

My already-bought TVs, which lack any sort of internet connectivity (i.e., proper TVs as opposed to so-called "smart" TVs), have a black that's "black enough". I may want a slightly bigger screen, though...

The much more important thing for me is that I only have display hardware. These "smart" TVs almost always get their smarts wrong, often intentionally.

I think it's sort of a crime that monitors which are as large as TVs aren't being sold.

mandatory arbitration should be illegal. Show more

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