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Me when I pack my backpack to go into the office.

Me when I have 150 tabs open in Firefox.

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Finally found out how to vanquish the insidious systemd-resolved gremlins in recent Ubuntu-based distros

There's this file "/usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/10-dns-resolved.conf" that you have to shadow with a file of the same name in /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d

So then, in this new file, say you want to use resolvconf again. This is the configuration:


(dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf and then reboot. resolv.conf should be correct again!)

if you want to take this to its logical conclusion, let the disks backing this filesystem also be NFTs!

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NFTFS: Non-Fungible Token File System.

where all the data is backed by NFTs and you pay real money to "fsck" or your NFTs are lost


Applying "phizer-covid19.patch" ...
waiting 3 weeks...

I never thought I'd be saying "my network's only 1Gbps"

but here we are

Well I've found out why NFS v4 kept stupidly stating my files were owned by "nobody", and how to fix it...

But now in order for *writing* to a file via NFS v4 to work properly, I apparently have to set up Kerberos

And I don't think anyone exists who knows how it's done. It's only a myth, but it's been said that the last guy who successfully did this mysteriously vanished...

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It may also be time to retry iSCSI targets and NFS v4, and--

>reads about iSCSI still being a problem with Syno

ahh balls

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but still... the DS712+ is still going way past its sell-by date. It's just that the latest DSM and packages have gotten a bit too fat for it. :o(

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By all rights, I should be running away screaming with what's left of my hair on fire after looking at the marketing material. Mostly cause they've got the token meaningless speed graph ;o)

(that "Synology" hard drive is most likely a WD Red Pro with Synology label and perhaps firmware altered to tell the system it's "Synology")

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thinking of dropping $800 on storage enclosure with no disks, and what is today's version of "low-end netbook CPU"

Oh wait that's the lower-end one that has the Atom

This thing has Ryzen in there!

I'll bet I STILL won't be able to get NFS v4 to work, though...

every time my code works the first time, and it's more complicated than "HELLO WORLD", I'm concerned that I've left a bug or three in

sick of everything logging me out after 5 minutes of inactivity

At least Cacti gets that right. If I'm sitting on some graphs, it lets me stay logged in forever.

>apt install python-is-python2

See? Told you that decades from now, "python" will be python2

And mark my words: "perl" will still go to the latest perl5

So... I'd been having problems booting Apple II with INTBASIC on the mainboard (via ROMX)...

and my APPLESOFT file I used as the HELLO pokes a hole in DOS and loads a hex dumper there, but if I'm using INTBASIC, it crashes.

Here's why!

My hole poker rebuilds DOS buffers, and if I use FP, it's fine, but if I use INTBASIC... BANG!

(INTBASIC program is high in RAM, up against HIMEM, so moving it while it's running is Not Cool. DOS moves start of program and HIMEM,)

"Gee I wish that every time Firefox thought I'd not run it in awhile, it would offer to dump all my extensions" said no one EVER

new monitor DISCONNECTS FROM WINDOWS after it's turned off by Windows.

This causes Microsoft Outlook (and *only* Outlook) to resize the window to some random size when I wake the system and the monitor reconnects.

MICROS~1 is bad and they should feel bad (Samsung might be at fault, too.)

In previous years, I've been able to make up the escrow shortage by paying Wells Fargo the money so they can top up the escrow.

This year, they're just going to add it to a year's worth of mortgage payments.

"No action required" my ass >:o(

The main thing stopping me even trying "btrfs" (I refuse to talk about butter; that's King of Town's department and he'd probably try to EAT btrfs if he knew people called it "butter" ;o) is "Oracle"

Yes, I know it's probably stupid, but that company has such a taint to it that this is what happens.

>stupid stand wants nearly a foot of desk space.

Forget that noise. I'm buying a mount and bolting the thing to the wall. My work "desk" sucks badly enough...

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wow, I got a new monitor today and it actually did the correct thing when I used HDMI

I really expected to be forced to use DisplayPort to get the native res because that's what I had to do on my main computer, but I guess the HDMI was new enough to not cap the res to 1080p

Every time I drive by a school today, I don't think of them as schools.

I think of them as super-spreader events.

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