Target has a bad enough time keeping their stores properly stocked

Really... after they're done paying to rebuild the stuff they're trying to get taxpayers to pay for in a crisis the police created, they should kick some more cash into keeping the Pizza Pringles stocked for more than 30 seconds per month.

Don't tell me they've cheaped out on insurance, too?

(this is the same company that cheaped out on POS security until they got cracked, so what was I expecting?)

Why on earth is it that every time I update UniFi controller or DSM, they ask me to send analytics after the update?

I said NO; I shouldn't be asked again.


don't even want to KNOW why "Ivanka Trump" is trending on hellsite

it's really strange. I dropped the NetTool onto the bare cable with the little dongle Fluke shipped with it on the other end. On short runs, the NetTool saw the dongle, but on my 11 meter run, it sees just a wire. Maybe it's the NetTool (I did buy it "for parts or not working" yet it mostly works)

But it links up and behaves properly when I plug the cable into the network, and everything seems to be OK now. :oP

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OK, hopefully I've vanquished the network gremlins. I can't really pinpoint which network element had the flapping interface, but I think it was the EdgeRouter X I had, so I took it off the network.

I also reran the cable that goes to the main switching gear (in "The Hot Shelter"). It's directly connected to the switch and not through a patch panel.

I'd like to run fiber into the office and pick up (or reshuffle so I can use) another Zyxel switch with the SFP uplinks so that can uplink to the SG300

If I had school-age children, I definitely would NEVER allow them into any school that had a so-called "School Resource Officer", which is just an armed actual police officer with a bad temper, an even worse attitude, and a permanent axe to grind with minors.

I'd sooner home-school than expose those I ostensibly care about (and those whose safety I'm responsible for) to this needless violence and abuse.



Why is setting an LACP bond up in Linux still such a hit-and-miss chore? I knew I wanted 802.3ad, so I specified it. Yet the system takes forEVER to start back up, hanging on the network

>Bonding mode: load balancing (round-robin)


(β•―Β°β–‘Β°οΌ‰β•―οΈ΅ ┻━┻

But oh... I took advantage of Oracle's installer that had a "Remove" button, and removed all the old Oracle Java installs (java 6 and java 7), and then just installed OpenJDK

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Amazing that CPU temps in operation mostly start with a "3" now

So maybe I didn't have things quite right with the old cooler, or I really did need a better cooler. Either way, that's that problem fixed!

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at least I can run OpenJDK (plus IcedTea) for everything I might have needed Oracle Java for

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Amazing. Oracle shits up Oracle Java (you have to pay for a commercial license to use the JVM for commercial purposes now!). Meanwhile, OpenJDK divorces Java Web Start from the rest of the JDK (or maybe it's always been like that; can't remember), so I have to install IcedTea to get javaws again

... which, for at least the jnlp file I wanted to run, requires an older JDK (jdk-12)

Of course the Noctua was three times the price of the Cooler Master, so it BETTER work better ;o)

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Put a new Noctua cooler in this computer.

I put my fan curves back to "Normal" and even at the default, even when the fan ramps up, I don't really hear it like I did with the Cooler Bastard

It also gives me an option to just run the cooler fan at a fixed, higher speed at all times.

The box from my first pack of ethernet cards, storing what remains of my cassette tapes

Yes, I "labeled" the tapes as "SONGS" and "STUFF"

Listening to RUN-DMC's "You Talk Too Much"

They dropped this around 1984 or so.

It's timeless and applies fully to Donald Trump, though we may have to tweak the lyrics to say "You Tweet Too Much"

Oh, it should go without saying, but...

Don't let authority figures conflate "protesting" with "terrorism"

They really do want you to believe that protesting IS terrorism, and that's a load of shit

really... the program should be able to tell when it won't be able to deliver a feature because my settings won't allow it.

As for the restart thing (Firefox just closes without restarting anything), maybe that's an issue, but it's hard to tell without feedback.

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I don't think it's unreasonable for Firefox to tell the truth here, which is "If you click "Restart Firefox", we 1) won't restart Firefox because you're not using Windows; 2) won't restore a god-damned thing because you refuse to let us remember your browsing history and always use private browsing."

Remember, any "non-lethal" weapon, especially in the hands of abusive authority, is a "less-lethal" weapon at best.

If Officer Chip-on-Shoulder wants to kill you slowly with a taser, he'll do his best.

>Activision Blizzard Finds Multiple Ways to Unnecessarily Enrich Its CEO


I've long held that executives at the top of any corporate organization get paid millions of dollars regardless of their performance. It's why the head shed's claim that "we have a lot of work; we need to grow our workforce" ring hollow with me. Those behind mergers and acquisitions get paid first and have none of the pain points rank-and-file get.

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