macOS "Legacy Software" check is a big fat random-ass liar

According to it, I have 14 random 32-bit applications on the system. Checking the list of applications tells me I have many more (some from Apple themselves).

I know of no really good reason why 32-bit software should stop being supported other than "the boss doesn't like seeing "32-bit" in a list on his computer."

so close, yet so far. This is the second clock I have that can't be bodged. :o/

preparing to apply one bodge wire to this clock to make it 24-hour, like a clock should be.

Take me back to New Donk City where there ain't no grass and the weather is shitty

Reading THERAC-25 material:

>can LF be CR?
>can right arrow be CR?
>can down arrow be CR?
>can fucking BACKSPACE be CR?

What the absolute fuck.

This is software that's supposed to control -- in a safe fashion -- a machine which shoots ionizing radiation and X rays into living people, and they're having a battle over what keys tell the computer that "they pressed RETURN; release the angry ionizing hounds".

It raises the question: can CR be CR? You know, like the operator expects it to be?

Today's AI:

"You bought a red widget! Maybe you'd be interested in a widget just like that one, except it's blue."

Tomorrow's AI will be revealed to not only be artificial because humans rig the algorithms, but exceedingly stupid as well.

Microsoft, it's the little things that combine to make your software suck to even use

I think it may be time to explore what filters can do for me here. Right now, the main irritation is cross-posts that make no sense.

Anyone believing that "technology will fix every single problem" either is in denial about how technology also creates or exacerbates problems, or simply doesn't know what they're talking about.

Even 30 years ago, when I was at the start of my career, it was this way.

Some things never change. Tech causes or sustains problems because those problems are not "sexy" or "glamorous" to solve. It's like what happened to GNOME 2: a nearly debugged system taken out back and shot cause "it's old."

No, really... on Monday, I had a clean front yard. On Tuesday, there were piles of leaves from the neighbor's tree in my driveway and on my lawn.

You don't get to win this battle if there are trees around.

What I should have done last week while I was on vacation: finish configuring new NAS, finish services VM

What I actually did last week: faff around with SRAM that was new for 1994

Yep, that's what "vacation" is like.

Hey... I DID get the leaves cleaned up (before wind came in and immediately reversed that progress), so there is that!

I'd like to see more websites embed OpenStreetMaps instead of products from Google or Microsoft. At least I'd feel more confident allowing their javascript to run on my computer.

I'm so blissfully ignorant when it comes to Harry Potter that I still keep thinking Voldemort is a place

Remember before about 2002 when "Black Friday" wasn't even a buzzword?

Sure, the day after Thanksgiving was still a shitshow, but at least back then, everything was CLOSED on Thanksgiving, full-stop.

Maybe I should remember when Black Friday didn't involve retail workers being made to work Thanksgiving day.

I've been playing Sonic the Hedgehog since 1991 and didn't know this secret room in Marble Zone Act 1 existed. I went all these years just passing it up on the way out of Mobius's bat-filled hell.

Maybe it was because Marble Zone isn't a zone I enjoy much (fuck you, Caterkiller).

Black Friday's already bullshit. Why not make it shittier by starting your mobile addiction this year?

Aaaand Play Store worked after I posted from Subway.

Computers are cantankerous.

sometimes I get the impression Google doesn't know what they're doing

You know, it's kind of difficult to debug a program when the data you're testing it with is fucking WRONG

Luckily I don't suck at the Sonic 3 special stages too much, so I was able to get a correct copy of SRAM...

As long as being well is conditional upon payment of money, as long as that well-being is insecure due to taxes being misused for war instead of used for health care, these statistics will keep getting worse.

If a given person is no longer alive, they don't have to come up with the money. It's sad that everything is about money, but the rich have seen to it that only money matters.

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