I wish pi-hole admin page worked over IPv6

Waving a rubber chicken over this RasPi 4 and wondering how the absolute shit the network interface gets configured

That's important because I need to assign a static IP to this thing, and /etc/network/interfaces.d is empty, and there's no netplan, and apparently NetworkManager isn't running...

>go programming language

Way to hobble your language, guys...

Reading about how Google will move UK users' data to USA jurisdiction, and seeing "USA has some of the weakest data protection laws"

The best thing I can do to protect my data is to simply not let the likes of Google have it, though I'm sure everyone else will opt me into the panopticon (but hey... I tried, so there.)

>Internet Explorer is no longer supported by this website

Now for all the other websites to follow suit (that is, if IE support is still a thing)

web management of embedded devices is second-class. It's an afterthought.

Browser vendors don't give two shits about sysadmins.

Maybe I should work out the colors that will let me see them in a dark terminal, yet not bold them when I "set bg=dark"

Maybe once in the history of vim, can vim NOT assume that my terminal is light? In the 25 years I've been sat at a terminal, my background has been black.

Just because the Sun framebuffer is a white background...


Really... who seriously thought that making the physical work environment hostile would help retain employees?

Anyone else remember the Eclipse Computer Light? I had one for years and I still miss it. Apparently they're back in the form of some LED versions that you hang from the top of your monitor these days. (I put the Eclipse light on top of my CRT back in the day.)


Microtransactions in $60(US) games as a concept should have been ruthlessly murdered before it even left the Sales/Marketing meeting.

Now we have junk food flogging the shit.

uspol probably, definitely D.T. 

OK really... for every software thing I have no clue about, there's an IP networking thing I DO have a clue about

So I shouldn't feel like I "know nothing" when that big hairy C++ debug message pops up in a tiny dialog box, with choices of "Yes" or "No".

Boy am I glad I can put my VMs and lxc containers on a proper network (in this case, dropped onto a bridge on the host). I'd pull out every last hair on my head trying to tip-toe through the NAT and iptables minefields otherwise.

I don't know how to emoji on YouTube

Maybe it's better that way.

great... in WSL everything is owned by "root" and apparently you do everything as "root"

and oh... sanity saver.

>export LC_COLLATE=C

holy shit I git pushed origin master on a repo I obviously hadn't committed in years

and it worked the first time!

(I hate Windows, btw...)


Shutupshutupshutup! I hate you!

And also, I find it incredibly stupid that I can't delete contacts off my phone en masse. I select one contact, and "Delete" shows up, but the instant I select a second contact, "Delete" vanishes.

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