funny how the platform owner blames my network (and a perceived firewall on my side) when 1) hosts are on the same subnet; 2) they're testing using UDP when the port is TCP; 3) their end hosts have hairy iptables configurations

I'll bet my socks it's their iptables config. Original complaint was "Client can reach backup server, but backup server can't reach client"

I generally am disinterested when it comes to DC or Marvel, but I can say with 100% confidence that Captain Marvel being boycotted is stupid, and the excuses for the boycott are just as stupid

>Google to support choice in Europe

Great, now how about supporting that same choice worldwide, and not just when a regulator's watching?

Chrome's browser non grata here because it's this timeframe's Internet Explorer,

Yet another LJ post that's stubbornly stood the test of time. I'm having this exact problem with the Ubuntu MATE I just finished installing yesterday.

fighting systemd-resolved again. I don't want that black box in my network path, so of course I stop/disable it. But now I can't resolve anything.

I've resorted to just putting my nameservers in /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/base for now while I try to work out the correct way to exorcise this d(a)emon from my system.

I wrote this journal entry over 10 years ago.

I'll note that I STILL have this issue today with sad regularity.

TIL you can buy "craft canned meats"

TIL "craft canned meat" was even a thing!

>Volume in drive A has no label


Er... I mean, I have a label right here, ready to paste on after I eject it, I swear!

Web software is doing that stupid, shitty thing again where it works fine if you use IPv4, but it's a total shitshow if you use IPv6.

Current violator: Pi-hole. And I know it's Pi-hole's fault since it does the thing when I use Firefox, when I use Chromium, when I disable uMatrix...

I bought JBL Bluetooth speaker.

The speaker itself is great. But then I went to install their app on my phone and discovered that JBL/Harman have no business writing software.

This thing will just unceremoniously dump me out of the app if I don't give it location persimmon. They won't even tell my why location is necessary, either.

And oh... it's 54MB!

>have like 12 terminals open
>realize I need to start a VPN
>systemd is installed

I think I'd rather just get in the car and drive to work and put the two files on a fucking USB key than have systemd wall all of my terminals to ask for a username and password when I started the VPN manually.

It's shit like this that makes people say "I HATE systemd and take that Lennart voodoo doll... and that, and that, and that!"

Just saw a pic of a receipt from a Montr矇al business whose receipt printers couldn't even print the chars required to make it speak French.

God Outlook is such a piece of shite that it needs systray status for "closing"

It helps not that this thing is connected to Office 365, which automatically makes all of Office suck like a billion times more

I wonder if any mainframes are using solid-state storage today

I had to look up what a "CRUD app" is just now :oP

And now I need to give my Galaxy S7 root access.

It's just used as a remote control. It does not need Flipboard, Samsung *, and other non-deletable, can't-be-disabled-either pieces of shit running in the background.

It's come to this. All this just for the privilege of running Titanium to freeze stuff.

Quasi-related: I remember when micro USB was new, and people claimed it was proprietary because they've "never seen this kind of connector before"

In one case, they had some room for argument, as WD had made the socket just a little too deep to accept any micro USB cable except the one that shipped with the drive...

Now I'm reminded of the Apple USB extension lead that would ONLY work with the Apple keyboard because they put a bump in the socket.

I chopped that stupid bump out and defiantly used the cable to defeat the similarly proprietary socket on a car radio.

Aside from that bump, it was just an extension cable!

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