>Swift for Linux, Windows exists.

That's the end of me griping about Swift being "Mac only" then...

>My console broke.

Typical fare for PS3, depending on vintage.

>Comment of "just jailbreak it"

Yes, because jwz would do that when he just got done saying "I don't want to be the sysadmin of my game console"

Custom firmware is something I would do. It's never something someone like jwz would ever do. This is the guy who has a Tivo because he "doesn't want to be the sysadmin of [his] TV"

The audience needs to (vaguely) know their presenter!


Yes, I'm implying that you shouldn't trust the app store vendor. No, greedy corporations don't deserve your trust (and might not even deserve your app if they're going to insert a botnet for you and re-sign it to make it look like YOU did that)

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>Google and Amazon re-sign apps.

What is to stop them (and possibly everyone with an "app store" that uses signed products from its developers) inserting additional code to do... well, anything... the developer doesn't want done?

They strip the developer's sig and re-sign the app.

None of this is secure. We've permanently lost.

>Give me your cheapest feature phone.

>company calling themselves "OpenAI" is proprietary and closed and sellout-to-Microsofty.

Typical corporate abuse of terms like "Open"

I get the impression that software that fails to work even if I don't give it permission to do everything shouldn't even be installed.

I've had this since 1996.

And it's always been relevant in some way.

It's especially relevant now.

political shit. 

and oh... that baloney about how "you become more conservative after having a mortgage" (and related stuff) ...

What a load of shit. Don't believe a word of it.

Glad to have become MORE progressive,

A Voter.

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political shit. 

I'd always thought that "just don't vote Republican" was a shitty cop-out

... until 2000, when it became clear I had to never touch anything GOP ever again.

I just never imagined I'd be considering this "shitty cop-out strategy" to be less "shitty cop-out" and more "it's the right thing to be doing"

And it's only the correct thing to be doing because aligning with GOP at this point is the exact WRONG thing to be doing.

I wish critical thought prevailed over "not voting GOP", buthey...

It's sad to see the "Apple IIe Technical Reference Manual", which was ostensibly written against the enhanced IIe, which itself was apparently "to be more like the IIc", containing code that doesn't support the "enhanced" part properly.

This is despite the IIc having changes in that part of the ROM which should also have been in the enhanced IIe.

So you have "enhanced" IIe with INSDS1 that can't grok the new 65C02 opcodes, its mini-assembler can't assemble BRA, T[SR]B, BIT #, etc.

Why do I have to dismiss Fedilab notifications twice

Also, these evil "enx" interfaces that have the MAC appended

There's only one, so rather than type 12 chars, I went

$(ifconfig -a | grep ^enx | awk -F: '{print $1}')

because that's shorter

Buthey I had net-tools on here, so that part went right!

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>MS buys Bethesda.

Whatever Bethesda does wrong now, MS will preserve all of it. Whatever Bethesda did right, they'll stop doing all that. MS is there for cash and lots of it.

I'm sure net-tools was "deprrcated" because someone really didn't want me using netstat or ifconfig anymore

Fighting garbage dogshit Cisco license restrictions again

I never have this fucking problem on any other vendor's equipment. I want three security zones on an SRX? Yes SIR. I want 1000? OK, it's your RAM. But if I have more than two on an ASA with a base license, nope.

I bought my first Pentium-class mainboard in 1996, along with a Cyrix CPU.

It was one of the last AT mainboards I'd buy new. It had USB on it that I'd never use because USB support in Linux wasn't there yet.

I wouldn't be able to trust USB in Linux until about 2003 or so, when things like my Kiky X would always work.

Now it's rare that any USB device -doesn't- work.

>Current Music: Enigma - Principles of Lust.

This particular track has 3 sections. Only the first (Sadness) has gotten any airtime. At least in USA.

I'm on the second part (Find Love). I'd completely forgotten about this part!

I need to make a ringtone that's 18 seconds of an actual ringtone, then the last 12 seconds is the drowning music from Sonic (the original Genesis drowning music; none of that other business)

oh wait now they magically are IN THE LIST


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Having a great big fight with, of all things, some fucking notification sounds in Android.

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