>Switch to the new Gmail

Given that my "old" gmail is "fetch via IMAPS", I think I'm alright, Jack

(it'll be a day of reckoning if they stop allowing IMAPS, though...)

It's not that I condone piracy. It's that I have a very hard time giving any sympathy to corporations who have a track record of being greedy.

Nintendo is no Activision or EA, but they're up there with their crappy practices (particularly regarding these ROMs).

>Nintendo win $12M from LoveROMs

More like "Nintendo force couple into permanent bankruptcy". I hope Nintendo doesn't see a dime of that money.

aside: the 4 utility disks you should have if you deal with Apple II formats:

- Locksmith 5.0 or later (fast 16-sector copy)
- Copy ][+ 8.4 (ProDOS/DOS3.3 utils, sector editor, doesn't have copy bugs 9.x have)
- Copy ][+ 5.5 (to format, copy, and convert to/from 13-sector disks)
- Apple System Utilities 3.1 (reads any of the standard formats so you can deal with those Pascal and CP/M disks)

Hmm... I want to make a disk formatter for Apple II that supports 13 and 16 sectors, as well as ProDOS block devices, and can lay down structures for Pascal, ProDOS, and DOS. (and CP/M, if I can find docs on that one.)

Most of the code's written: just rip off DOS RWTS twice so disk][ devices are covered, and sort out all the cases each directory format uses (so no 13-sector 3.5" disks ;o)

I'd have just used Apple Sysutils, but it won't write all these formats (reads all, though).

cmus is great. Whatever is behind the scenes fucking up AAC playback (cmus 2.5, ubuntu 14.04), however, needs to quit it

Although hearing Human League through this static, in the correct key but really slow, is slightly amusing.

Mastodon's got "edit" about as right as it's going to get, considering that humans are trash: "Delete and redraft"

Up until about 2006, GIFs were guaranteed to work anywhere.

Here's what passes for "progress" today.

An "edit" feature on is never going to get done properly as long as manipulative shits like D.T. are allowed to use it.

Jack states that "older posts won't have editing," but what is considered to be "older"? Given that it's , I'd say any post older than about 10 minutes is "older". (Hear me now and believe me later, D.T. will be exempt from this. Some pigs are more equal, blah blah blah)

Man... you'd think OEMs like Dell would get things like their BIOS right.

I just put my old SSD (Crucial MX100) into my new laptop, and thought it was good. Then I started getting "No bootable devices found" at random. So I upgrade the SSD firmware and BIOS. Same deal.

Turns out that Crucial SSDs have some trouble with being reliably detected in these machines, so I put everything on a SanDisk SSD and it works every time now.

stupid interstate tolls and lack of clear interoperability...

I'm northeast of the I35 portion of KS Turnpike. And I might need to drive to San Antonio. Last time I had to do that (2007), it was simple: just take I35 portion of KS Turnpike to OK border and pay like $4.50.

But now TX has a few cities along the way that started charging tolls. And also, I might not even be able to pay cash.

It took 2 hours to conclude I should get a K-Tag to fix all this shit.

Short version: "buy snow tires"

Long version: "also, buy an extra set of rims, buy more TPMS sensors, and buy space to store your wheels."

And oh... in case I thought I was doing better, here's a program I wrote in VB in 1994. It serves as an indelible reminder that I'd do well to learn from my mistakes.

While I'm still no programmer, at least now I GIVE REASONABLE NAMES TO MY VARIABLES!

And furthermore, it was a wonder I actually documented what some of the nonsense vars were. So I may have been enlightened a bit, even back then.

And then I stumbled upon this stuff. The original Bourne Shell from V7 Unix.

Want to write something but don't like the new language? Just redefine it to be what you want!

Little did S.R. Bourne know that cpp would be infinitely more prone to abuse than this. Maybe he wanted this to be a cautionary tale to new C programmers, but unfortunately, the newbies took this as encouragement.

I forgot I actually made a program to print the hidden "MICROSOFT!" string in Applesoft ROM (you C64 folks may know this as the "WAIT6502" easter egg)

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2 weeks ago, I'd vacuumed all the leaves up with the Cub Cadet. I suppose Mother Nature is trying to do me a solid, as at this rate, all the leaves will have fallen before I'll be able to get rid of the leaves

Just because there are no meetings in my calendar doesn't mean I'm doing nothing. It certainly doesn't mean some rando can just swoop in an hour before a meeting and block a 4-hour chunk of my day off.

Microsoft Outlook: enabling and excusing rudeness since 1996.

TIL Ubuntu MATE LTS is supported for two years LESS than Ubuntu, so not only is my "new" Ubuntu MATE 16.04 system only supported for another 5 months, I have to upgrade them to 18.04 to actually make it "long-term"

And oh... too bad for PowerPC being dropped. I would have given it a go on my old Mac mini (an original launch day one!)

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