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mostly for my own reference, and of benefit to anyone who dares to use an exotic device with an old computer:

LS-120 drive geometry: 963 cyl, 16 heads, 32 sectors. Write precomp=OFF. 120.3MB.

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Me when I pack my backpack to go into the office.

Me when I have 150 tabs open in Firefox.

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Finally found out how to vanquish the insidious systemd-resolved gremlins in recent Ubuntu-based distros

There's this file "/usr/lib/NetworkManager/conf.d/10-dns-resolved.conf" that you have to shadow with a file of the same name in /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d

So then, in this new file, say you want to use resolvconf again. This is the configuration:


(dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf and then reboot. resolv.conf should be correct again!)

fuck 4ch and sn**acity. 

I say this as someone who lurked on /b/ in the (VERY) early days before it became dangerous to do so, and then on /g/ until 4ch started demanding my browser cryptomine to even view their board.

(I know, I know... we all make mistakes. :o/ )

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fuck 4ch and sn**acity. 

still upset that cookiengineer got shanked over tenacity

4chan obviously is stuck in 2003, but has become infinitely more toxic as time goes on. It's the same racist, homophobic shit as always, but now someone shows up to your door armed if you're more decent than they are.

Anyway... I hope for the success of tenacity despite these JERKS and their bullshit competing fork with a stupid-ass name.

The "cracking scene" had its genesis in software publishers' lack of trust in their users.

"Casual users" were unwitting participants in the scene through consumption of cracked product, sometimes out of necessity. Beagle Bros. had a great solution to all this when they stopped using copy protection (and thus, the scene stopped distributing Beagle Bros. software, amongst other benefits).

We didn't start the fire.

Audacity is GPL, yet the new privacy policy is INCOMPATIBLE with both GPL v2 and GPL v3, thanks to the age restriction.

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>See audacity trending.

OK, how badly has Audacity shit its pants now

And I HAVE to care because Audacity is a thing I regularly use and has no replacement yet.

>If you're under 13, you can't use Audacity.

Why on earth... it's a SOUND EDITOR. Not having a decent sound editor can be a major impediment to creativity, regardless of age.

>data is collected for "law enforcement" purposes without further explanation.

I need a new sound editor. :o(

really, they just go out of state and buy the fireworks at the big fireworks store that operates year-round just outside the city

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my neighbors are setting off fireworks in the city that banned setting off fireworks in the city

They were lighting off fireworks at the end of my block yesterday

Maybe they're saving the big ones for tomorrow

Thinking that a rolling release in the enterprise is the dumbest thing ever, and very dangerous for the health of my employer's systems, I'm thrilled to see that a CentOS replacement which preserves the old way CentOS did things is available.

Rocky Linux 8.4 (Green Obsidian).

ACAB moment number 12. 

LAPD: fireworks! Let's blow some up! Fire in the hole!
*big explosion*
LAPD: Uh... IEDs! Yeah, that's it... yeah, that's the ticket!

(they actually did say "Fire in the hole" :oP )

Here's an extension test on Ubuntu MATE 18.04.

The file manager gets things mostly right, but notice the ISO file only gets properly recognized if its filename ends in ".iso". This is despite the fact that file(1) tells me it's "ISO 9660 CD-ROM filesystem data"

At least this looks like something that can be fixed in the file manager. I frankly expected worse.

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Classic macOS really had something with their "file type/file creator" for every file on the system. MacOS X should have used something like file(1) under the hood to give us a similar experience without arbitrary applications demanding we use some file extension that came from the DOS/Windows world.

This problem could have been reasonably solved. Instead, we got file extension ware. :o(

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One particular thing that I hate about macOS isn't even inherent to macOS itself. It's a thing that's arbitrarily enforced by application software.

This thing? Applications being made to care about "file extensions".

Yes, I want to save my ripped CD to "MyGreatRippedCD.iso"; shut up. If I want to call a PDF "YoureAGoober", let me do so (though thanks to interop, I'd probably name it "YoureAGoober.pdf")

now see I don't know much javascript beyond the basic standard flow controls (and I'd say order of operations, but coercion darkened that doorstep), but...

This "GETTR" thing is bad. "Worse than Parler" bad.

While the TI99/4 and TI99/4A computers are widely considered to be a flop, and it's frequently stated that CBM beat TI at their own game, one important point keeps getting missed:

TI as a business was much better run than CBM (or even the Atari Corp Jack Trameil infected after CBM). While TI could have used money from calculators and semiconductors to continue losing money in home computers, they wisely got out quickly and stopped losing money.

god is Elon Musk really this atrociously bad to listen to, or did Thunderf00t do some audio editing to this thing

He's barely verbal

Zeroing out a load of hard drives.

Guess which disks are the WD Greens (the remaining one with I/O is a WD Blue)

Apple: where all your devices are opted into iMessages, yet useful stuff like Notes has impairment.

you know tech support scammers in Kolkata are training up on Windows 11 as I type

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