Now looking forward to when I inevitably try to pay with a normal watch.

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Oh god it finally happened, my worst millennial nightmare—I finally jammed my smart watch against a POS that didn’t actually accept NFC payments.

Wouldn't be surprised if emacs+org-mode supported something like this.

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It's funny because comments exist but sometimes I want to mark something in code that wouldn't be helpful as a comment for other people, but would be helpful for me personally (even just for a single session).

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I'm in the middle of redoing something right now and it would be pretty dope if I could somehow mark a section of code as "done" to say "yeah I ported over whatever the hell that mess was trying to accomplish here's where the new version is".

no destiny 2 you were supposed to be the one, the one who supported alt-tab

why of course i'm an engineer why else would i have burnt all of these traces

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