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La NASA i l'ESA posen a disposició la Multi-Mission Algorithm and Analysis Platform (MAAP), una eina científica de codi obert revolucionària per analitzar les dades de ciències de la Terra al núvol

**Mastodon Lawyers Tell Trump Social Network to Make Source Code Public**

"Mastodon said it sent a formal letter to 'Truth Social' after media reports found the site was using Mastodon's codebase while not respecting a part of its software license."

#news #bot

Climate experts warn world leaders 1.5C is ‘real science’, not just talking point

The 1.5C temperature limit to be discussed by world leaders at critical meetings this weekend is a vital physical threshold for the planet’s #climate, and not an arbitrary political construct that can be haggled over.
World leaders are meeting in #Rome and #Glasgow over the next four days to thrash out a common approach aimed at holding global temperature rises to 1.5C

Earth Is Set For Disastrous 2.7°C Temperature Rise Under Nations' Current Net-Zero Pledges

Unless world leaders seriously up their pledges at the #COP26 climate change conference next week, the planet is set for a 2.7°C rise in global temperatures by the end of the century. This would be a disastrous rise in temperature, bringing with it a significant increase in #droughts, #floods, #heatwaves, and the death of #coral #reefs.


Article "Assessing Energy Descent Scenarios for the Ecological Transition in Spain 2020–2030" (Martín Lallana, Adrián Almazán, Alicia Valero and Ángel Lareo) [PDF]

Get off Facebook. Get off every Facebook service. Block Facebook. Don't work for Facebook. Don't provide services to Facebook. Find every way you can to get them out of your life and support others in doing the same.

They are ethically indefensible.

How climate models got so accurate they earned a Nobel Prize

#Climate #modelers are experts from #earth or planetary #science, often with experience in applied #physics, #mathematics, or #ComputationalScience, who take physics and chemistry to create equations, feed them into supercomputers, and apply them to simulate the climate of #Earth or other planets.


We highly recommend you read the Release Notes before installing or upgrading to Debian 11. They are written, reviewed and updated with care, catering for both new and experienced users, and will help ease your installations and prevent issues when upgrading your systems #ReleasingDebianBullseye

What is Pegasus? How does #Pegasus transmit the collected data? An #NSOGroup document leaked to the internet reveals how the Pegasus spyware can be used to spy on targeted mobile phones

"The text made no sound. It produced no image. It offered no warning of any kind as an iMessage delivered malware directly onto her phone — and past Apple’s security systems."

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