There's some irony to an emacs user explaining how emacs should be easier to use by comparing it to... Atom. You know, that editor that github used to build that was so thoroughly eclipsed by Visual Studio Code (which is the same basic idea) that I'm not even sure github remembers they technically still make it.

Apparently Github have discovered they technically still make Atom and decided to stop:

Angry about my ide now being dead 

@faho god damnit, you know how hard it is to change ides?
Atom was my open source go to ide.
Is there even any left? They probably dont work half as well.

The only option i see is vs code, pulled back into the fucking microsoft ecosystem.

@xorowl @faho honestly? This is why Linux is my IDE.

Are there autocomplete things that work better within a different editor? Yeah.

But very worst case scenario I just compile my own linux kernel, terminal, and vim.


@ketmorco @faho that's cool, but vim vi and emacs dont jive with me. even nano is better for me.

i think windows/notepad++ is the closest i have now.....
wait... does notepad++ work in wine?
time to test

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@xorowl @faho Probably. Have you tried Geany? It gives me notepad++ vibes for me, who doesn't use either of them very much 😂

@ketmorco @faho yeah, thats the one for the pi.
I dont remember if it was painful because of the pi or if it was the program

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