This is amazing:

1. a developer of a bunch of popular packages publishes new, intentionally broken versions of them as he doesn't want to support for-profit companies with his free work;
2. NPM *reverts* the packages to older versions against developer's wishes;
3. GitHub *blocks* the developer for acting "irresponsibly".

That story again: developer blocked by for making changes to his own code.

This is why and @forgefriends are so important!


@rysiek @forgefriends what a hero. Great read. Fuck GitHub.
Npm I can understand their actions. Just trying to keep the tower of cards from collapsing.
But fuck GitHub, and fuck anyone calling him petty or irresponsible. If it's "responsible" to bend over for Fortune 500s then fuck responsibility.
Someone put this in this picture in the GitHub comments. Fucked if you do, fucked if you don't

@rysiek @forgefriends
Hmm..... Digging in, the author is also a gamergate conspiracy theorist so uh.... He's also a jackass? But unrelated to the open source stuff

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