Sadly, the hardware in my wonderful laptop is a bit too new for my current Linux distribution of choice, Mint.

A newer kernel would solve a lot of problems for me, but alas, I can't install anything newer than 5.11 from the package repos.

I'm considering experimenting with different distributions. I mostly care about stuff working out-of-the-box so I can focus on getting actual work done, and not endlessly tinkering with the OS.

I've heard good things about EndeavourOS. What do you think?

Also, I’ve really grown to love the Cinnamon DE. Bonus points if that’s available in the new Linux distro.

@cuchaz a year ago I might have said Ubuntu. I might recommend debian or windows with WSL. WSL is pretty good and that should get you past the hardware limitation.

@xorowl Windows is a total no-go for me. Never again. I’ve tried Ubuntu in the past and hated the horrors they inflicted on the desktop experience, haven’t looked back since. I’m tempted to try plain Debian though. That could be nice.

@cuchaz i understand the distaste for windows, that's fair. i don't think i'll ever be able to entirely rid myself of windows, but at least i have the power to move most of what i need off the platform.
Debian, you'll have to install your UI from scratch and such, but it's ... also debian... so it should work better.

@xorowl Yeah, I have to deal with Windows on my gaming computer. I regularly get a taste of what it’s like to have to deal with windows. I don’t want to have to put up with it for work if I can avoid it.

Debian has no out-of-the-box DE? Hmmm… I didn’t know that.

@cuchaz yep. found that out the hard way after installing and getting dumped to a terminal.

There's a lot you can do to un-fuck windows. Like i don't use the default start menu, i use open shell.

@xorowl Maybe Windows is salvageable, maybe it’s not. But why should I try that hard? I’d rather go support an OS that shares my goals than fight one that doesn’t.

I’ll look into seeing if Cinnamon is easy to install on Debian though. I’m still thinking about EndeavourOS too.

@cuchaz simple. we're tired. we dont have the time or energy to sink days into making everything we need work. It's a means to an end for me rather than supporting the platform.
i will avoid paying my own money for windows as long as possible. i've only ever had to buy one copy and it was an emergency

@xorowl Although, a part of me wants to go full Arch and control every bit of the OS. But the other part of me goes, who has time for that??

It’s a tough call.

At least Linux gives me choices though.

I <3 Linux. :linux:

@xorowl I'm looking at the install guide for Arch. It doesn't look that bad actually. I'm no linux noob, so most of this stuff is already familiar to me. I'm just used to having a nice GUI automate everything to save me time because they love me and want me to be happy. =)

But, alas, I do actually need bleeding-edge software this time around. So... maybe Arch?

Then I can say things like "I use arch btw" =D


@cuchaz i prefer arch for docker images actually

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@xorowl Makes sense. 127 MB isn't bad for a basic Linux container.

I usually base off of CentoOS, Debian, or some app like Java, or a database, depending on the service I'm implementing.

@cuchaz after having to use centos as a desktop....... never again.... i know i'm biased and dont care lol

@xorowl Haha, I'd never use it as a desktop distro. But sometimes it's nice having your container being in the RedHat ecosystem if you need to work with "enterprisey" software, like Shibboleth.

@xorowl Although, I suppose I might need to switch to RockyOS now, huh?

@cuchaz dont know much about it, but always worth the try

@xorowl RockyOS is supposed to be the new CentOS. RedHat moved CentOS from being downstream of RHEL to upstream, closer to Fedora, probably because money. RockyOS sprang up to be the new downstream-of-RHEL distro and is supposedly created by the same creator of CentOS.

Also, it just occurred to me that since Arch installs are command-line based, I could just script the whole damn thing. Then I could save the script and use it later. That might be even better than a GUI installer! This bears some thinking.

@cuchaz frankly, before this, they were so far behind normal package requirements, i might as well have not had an operating system. *everything* in the repositories was so out of date that they were almost useless.... all in the name of "stability". it's exausting.

@xorowl Yeah, only being able to get ancient versions of, say, Apache in CentOS always drove me crazy. But as long as they keep backporting security patches, it's probably the most secure thing out there. It's all about tradeoffs I guess.

@cuchaz there's something inherently cursed about infrastructure relying on back porting of security patches to otherwise unsupported software.

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