I’m seeking opinions on a local network-available backup storage medium. All my machines would back up to this volume. I have a spare local machine running headless and I’m tempted to just plug in some external drives on a RAID 1 configuration, but should I get a NAS? Dunno.


@ashfurrow complicated but cool option D, set up an Unraid server.

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@xorowl ultimate control over my data? hmm, thanks but no thank you, haha

@ashfurrow its neat! i'd poke the free trial even if it doesn't fit the need here. just need a flash drive with 32gb or less.

one day when i have gpu virtualization passthru, i'm going to set it up with an ultimate machine running hackintosh, windows and linux all similtaniously with synergy to move between the VMs, each of which with a monitor

@ashfurrow unraid.
immagine something like ESXi or the like, but cheaper, easier to use, and more flexible.
it lets you slap together many drives into a raid, and have dedicated parity drives, and all kinds of stuff.

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