please please please tell me nothing can kill the fediverse

that we will resist until the very last instance goes down

this place is such an integral part of my life, i'd be completely hollow if it were suddenly ripped away

this place is my digital home

i don't even really fully know what's going down, all i know is there's a chance large swaths of the fediverse might go bye-bye and that would make me extremely sad

this place is my home


@vantablack yo what makes you think that? apparently i'm out of the loop

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@vantablack that really probably wont touch the fediverse. those are laws affecting businesses, and only a part of the fediverse is a COMPANY.

Also fuck that guy. in the eye socket. with a pitchfork

@vantablack @xorowl

A considerable part of the Fediverse is hosted well outside the USA, there there is 100% of jack shit Trump can do about any content there, unless he thinks its feasible to isolate USA internet from the rest of the World - which is not going to be that easy and could even cause commercial websites to stop working correctly and collapse the USA economy (as USA companies buy ads on the corporate European social networks, so need to communicate with them)

@vfrmedia @vantablack yeah that TOO! (i mean we're both in the US, so if something "happened" that broke masto for US citizens, we'd both be fucked, but thats not what this can do)

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