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food, maybe cursed? maybe awesome? 

holly balls krastorio has an option that keeps you from picking up vehicles that you can turn on. That's 2hardcore4me

oof. researching the differences between branches of mastodon is hard when it wants to tell you about the extinct animal. I'm tired, gonna jive to some factorio

wait what's the difference between the gargron mastodon repo and the tootsuite one? crap

>PermissionError: [Errno 13] Permission denied: '/home/xorowl/mastodon/postgres'
>[8547] Failed to execute script docker-compose
why tho. from where? web shouldn't have access to the postgress folder...

Nope, that didn't fix it. still throwing a permission error while "building web"

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hmmm, the sample environment file suggests running `rake secret` on the container, but docker-compose cant finish upping... permission error on the files it creates...

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@vantablack @xorowl

A considerable part of the Fediverse is hosted well outside the USA, there there is 100% of jack shit Trump can do about any content there, unless he thinks its feasible to isolate USA internet from the rest of the World - which is not going to be that easy and could even cause commercial websites to stop working correctly and collapse the USA economy (as USA companies buy ads on the corporate European social networks, so need to communicate with them)

xorowl@Bloop:~$ mkdir mastodon
xorowl@Bloop:~$ touch docker-compose.yml

Someone inspired me

at what point do i literally get a torch and pitchfork and start marching?

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>if (defined($var)){
> Undefined variable $var

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University of Minnesota has broken all ties with the Minnesota Police Department.

They will only speak to them from now on when they HAVE to for community situations, but will no longer use them for anything if they can avoid it.

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