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took me one day to replace game maker's sound effect system

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TIL `git config --global push.default current` lets you bypass `git push --set-upstream origin <branchname>` forever!

what is even the point in including a debugger if it's going to become entirely unresponsive when loading data into it.
Wow i hate chrome.

Chrome's Performance tab is NOT multithreaded. Just opening it takes multiple minutes with the current snapshot. i have of about 20 seconds of data. and it takes *minutes* to open


Fuck balls I woke up with some dark thinking.
This is some bad headspace.

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My favorite memory from 105.3 was when they did a poll on what bands they should play more of and which to play less of.

Linkin Park topped both lists.

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Those of you who know Lain in person, please check up on him. This behavior is not healthy, I believe his steak-cooking habits will continue to worsen if not addressed soon. Friends do not let friends do this to themselves:

what the actual fuck?
i've never had a motherboard that supported more ram than the cpu it uses.
cpu only supports 64gb, but the motherboard supports 128
this is so backwards from the norm

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sorry did i say default? i meant that's the only option

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aws defaulting to parquet files for database backup exports is just pissing in our eyes at this point.

not csv, not sql, not json, not zip, not tar, not rar, not any kind of sensible format.

Doesn't even detect multipart files, you have to hand it all the files or it thinks the one part is the whole thing.

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