Quoting that dns can take 24-48 hours to propagate is like quoting the fine print for every sms service saying your text can take up to 24 hours to make it to your recipient.

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Atheism hot take 

Avoid the terms "Flying Spaghetti Monster" and in particular "Pastafarian".

Not only do they unnecessarily ridicule real people's beliefs, but in particular "Pastafarian" both mocks and appropriates a belief system of real people who happen to be mostly poor and Black. It's straight up racist.

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We pushed a project I'd been working on for 6-8 months live, skipping our entire beta process. Instead of getting a deluge of "x doesn't work right" we got "we want x feature" where x feature was already on the docket to get done.
Instead of jamming a socket wrench into a live engine, they asked for a lightbulb to see the dark bits.

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Software: I don't have permission to write to this directory

Me: ??? yeah you do

Software: No, look, I don't

Me: ...oh, we're out of space on the partition, did you mean to say you can't write because of that?

Software: look I don't know how writing files works

Work ----- mh ------ 

I am so fucked. And it's not even really my fault. Please kill me. This is agonizing.
Tomorrow was supposed to be a rollout to a select few beta testers. Ceo told all our clients would be fully out tomorrow

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Work +++++ 

The project I've been working on is going to have a piece in a magazine. That's fucking hype

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Just typed this unironically (we do have such a class, this is ACL related work):

grep -r 'class Privilege' src/

Not sure if actually funny, or I'm just sleep deprived.

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Good morning all. Keep your spirits high and your expectations low. Time for the ceremonial coffee.

tech, nvidia 

nvidia supports fucking NETSCAPE but they don't support Firefox on fucking Ubuntu.

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@mdszy yeah i use cron
Crap, it
Once every
Nanosecond i fucked it up shit shit shit

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Have you tried turning it off and never turning it back on again


Mike's hard... Strawberry... Vape and some dabs.

I have this usb backup powerbank and a usb to ethernet adapter that works with basic drivers and i'm getting stupid ideas

Hot take, gihub desktop 

This thing is hot fucking garbage. It won't let you rebase with local changes and demands you stash. And has no ability to stash. Everyone claims it has the function but you have to be switching branches to even see the option. That's not stashing that's easy branch switching and they aren't the same. So instead of stash rebase pop, it just gives you a huge middle finger.

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